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The research of large U.S. personnel revealed that the G927 Gaming Headset uses

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    The research of large U.S. personnel revealed that the G927 Gaming Headset uses

    The research of large U.S. personnel revealed that the G927 Gaming Headset uses a high-flux permanent magnet core with lightweight CCAW Voice Coil as a unit, and a richer sense of low volume, the overall sound more texture. Included in the past 135 WCG-player gaming and recording and the mixing stage as the debug reference acoustic unit expression.

    Somic brand as the first in the gaming circles to promote the multi-channel technology, in 2009-2010, indirectly, even released a variety equipped with a new technology product. Special tuning "of the WCG champion E95 Champion Beats by Dre PowerBeats," the third generation of physical 5.1 channel headset "E95 holds a" virtual 7.1 channel gaming headphones G945 v2010, sales lead the market as well as fourth-generation physical 5.1 channel headset "G989, undoubtedly marks a multi-channel headphone technology continues to mature. Positioning of the new gaming headset G927 how the price can not let the public accept it?

    Philips recently that there will be two fashion style headset products listed SHE9000 Ear Earphones, the other a SHL9300 headset.

    Philips upcoming iron ear of a high-end model SHE9900, many design details of this product are very good, take full account of the user to wear, the use of the environment and other factors, the overall design is more reasonable. Sound quality, high-quality raw materials, combined with excellent electrical tone school, worth the wait.

    ? Technical Specifications

    Frequency Response :20-20k Hz

    Impedance: 16 ohms, 1 kHz

    Maximum input power: 10mW

    Sensitivity: 102dB SPL / mW (1kHz)

    Cable length: 1.2 m

    Accessories: Carrying Case

    Philips SHE9900 design touches resolution

    Philips SHE9900 iron ear

    ?Beats by Dre Diamond wear very comfortable

    One, three types of ultra-soft silicon caps ensure an ideal fit

    The interchangeable ear caps in three different sizes (small, medium and large) to ensure the perfect fit for each user. And they are made of ultra-soft silicon, even after prolonged listening comfort.

    Second, the foam sleeves create a tight seal and can fit in all ear type

    From slow recovery foam ear pads, rubber earmuffs comfortable alternatives. Into the user's ear with his finger before the backlog of foam ear pads can form an excellent seal. Earplugs in place after a few seconds, the slow-recovery foam will gradually open to form a secure and tight fit.

    FlexInear is a mobile catheter technique

    FlexInear is a mobile catheterization, freely adjust according to your own situation in the ear much more comfortable than traditional headphones use, lead to the ultimate comfortable listening experience.

    Enjoy quality sound

    A Precise acoustic tuning by Philips iLab delicate sound

    The headset is designed for high-quality listening experience designed and meticulously tuned by Philips iLab, you can achieve professional-grade sound effects and a higher degree of accuracy, be able to produce transparent, clear and detailed sound.

    Second, the Angled Acoustic design provides exceptional noise isolation

    Based on a thorough understanding of the structure of the human Beats By Dre, the Angled Acoustic design adjusts the angle of the speaker tube and ear bud to fit the individual ear canal shapes. In addition to directly transmit sound to the ears, a perfect seal can effectively block the ambient noise, so you can enjoy music at lower volume levels.