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    What's on your wrist?

    Just wanted to start a thread on the watches/bracelets etc.. that you guys wear regularly.

    I'll start it off

    a breitling colt automatic that i got myself for a good deal second hand and a bracelet i made myself


    Orient Ray in Blue




      My watch collection is very small, I'm usually wearing either a Timex Weekender with a blue strap or the Timex Blue Q-Dial that's been featured on Dappered before

      I expect my next watch purchase to be either the Orient Union or the Orient Vintage.



        This one almost daily. Otherwise, I rotate between a few other beaters and one nice seiko.

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



          First post. I registered for one reason. Dude: Ditch the bracelet.

          Rationale: Decent watch and band. But the extra rattle and clatter will not do anything for your arm, profile, or overall appearance. It is an element of costume. Any time you abandon the classic for the costume, you have done exactly that: put on a costume.

          I am a long time lurker, first post. But I do know this. The classic is classic for a reason. It is classic because it occurs along geometrically pleasing contours and profiles. It all gets pretty Fibonnaci after a while, but there is a reason for that. Don't adorn yourself. Dress yourself. Work the angles, enjoy a tan wrist beneath a band that peeks out from a perfectly cuffed oxford or gingham. I see a bracelet like that and I just think: bummer.

          What is on my wrist? Nothing. Rarely anything. A double barrel cuff or a nice tan. Done.



            ^ Haha, agreed.

            And nothing. I should really get a good watch sometime, but it's just low on my priorities.



              Mmm... a thread after my own heart.

              Today I'm wearing my Seiko Solar diver - one of the first "real" watches I bought and still one of the few diving watches I haven't tired of. I've worn (borrowed) Rolex and Omega and other than the hollow end links, this thing manages to hold its own in overall fit, finish, and quality.




                I have the same blue face Orient Ray, and I'm pretty stoked to actually use it as a diver's watch when I start SCUBA classes this week. And I have an Orient Esteem that's my regular dress watch. I love the way it looks, but it is rather difficult to read in low light.



                  Orient Mako (Black Dial)

                  Parnis Chrono (Blue Dial)

                  Currently looking for a dress watch.. <150$.. suggestions? I have big wrists. I tried the Bulova Joe's mentioned a few times and it looks really tiny/flimsy on my wrists..



                    I've been wearing this for the better part of the last 6 months (not my picture)

                    I'm looking forward to adding an automatic to my fledgling collection next. Probably a black Orient Ray



                      Today it's my Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic on a black leather Hamilton deployant band.



                        Tag AquaRacer Automatic. Pretty much all I wear. Was a wedding gift from my wife.

                        My cocktail videos >



                          I actually just started wearing watches again. I got the Esquire below for my elementary school graduation way way back. I need to get it done up as its been like 10 years since then. I just bought the Citizen Eco-Drive on my honeymoon. I was looking for an inexpensive more casual watch, and I managed to haggle one of the salesmen in ST Thomas down to $150 (no tax). I really love it!



                   and I have been loving it for over 5 years now. Have the black one as well. How do you embed photos here?



                              use the following without the __ after and before the <, >

                              <__img src="http://image url goes here.jpg"__>