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    My Polo Palooza

    I loved Joe's Polo roundup, I have since tried many of the ones he suggested and here are my reviews. For reference, I am 5"11 172, waist 33 shoulders 48, chest 41.

    Joe's THE GOOD: GAP “Lightweight Heather” Rugby Collar Polo

    My Take -For my build completely disagree, this shirt runs small, after one wash cycle it shrunk enough so that it is is too tight to wear. It is a nice looking looking shirt.

    GAP Contrast Stitch Pocket Polo –

    My take - Nice feeling shirt, but again I can't find a size that fits my frame, the medium is too snug in the shoulders, the large billows too much in the waist, another no go. I have noticed at my local GAP that they are heavily discounting these shirts, so they must not have sold, I can see why.

    Express Fitted Signature Polo

    My take - It shrank terribly in the wash, and it was way too tight in medium anyway. I didn't try any other size, the shirt also feels like a t-shirt.

    Banana Republic Luxe Touch Polo –

    My Take - Agree completely with Joe, this is a great shirt, but take heed do not dry it. Size medium fits great on me not being billowing or snug anywhere.

    The Bad

    J- Crew Slub Polo

    My Take - Again, agree with Joe, the shirt feels good but it doesn't look to hot, it's texture is ratty, it's definitely not a shirt that can worn dressed up, and after multiple wash/dry cycles I noticed the shirt really getting /worn and stretched out. Won't buy a slub or jersey cotton polo from J-crew again, they suck.

    Polo's that Joe didn't mention but that I have tried

    My favorite

    J- Crew broken in pocket polo

    I think this is an awesome polo, certainly a casual polo but it feels great and does well in the wash. The fit is great for me too. J-crew is so hit or miss in my opinion.

    Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Polos-

    Without question, they make incredibly handsome polo's, but I cannot find one that fits. The large is way too big in waist, the medium is too tight in arms and shoulders.

    Nautica slim fit polo's

    In size medium, these pique polo's fit me incredibly, unfortunately they come only in pique material which I do not prefer.


    Sounds like you're rough on shirts with the wash! Cold wash/rinse, low heat dry? Or are you leaving it on regular (high heat)?




      we have the same measurements, but im a 40.

      I too like the Nautica polos- Macys have the slim in cotton mesh.I got a nice one at an outlet (I wish I knew how post pics in this forum).

      I dont mind the RL - have you tired the Slim-Fit from the website or from their stores?

      All retailers sell their "custom fit" but the website sells the slim fit which is narrower and shorter (but pricey).



        Wasn't there another in depth discussion on various polo brands and fit?

        I can't seem to find it and the search function for this forum really doesn't help. Thanks to anyone that knows what I'm talking about.

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano