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    TM Lewin has something similar, priced at a mere $144, here: However, they do 4 shirts for $160, which knocks the price down quite a bit.



      See if you can buy the TM Lewin shirt thru their Australian site - a much more reasonable $70:,en_AU,pd.html



        Wow, I am glad I did a search on here. I guess I'm not the only one looking for a shirt like this. I saw one that J crew did a couple years ago and I am kicking myself for not picking it up. I think I might go with the itailor one. It seems to be the best deal I have found so far.



          Bear in mind that there is a good reason why red dress shirts are uncommon. They aren't CBD appropriate, nor is it simple to match ties to them, and a gingham pattern is going to complicate that even further. I honestly don't see how a red gingham shirt could possibly work as a dress shirt (ie, a shirt that is typically paired with a tie in a relatively formal outfit). As a sportshirt, no doubt. But if you can pull it off, more power to you! I'd be interested to see a picture of what any of you guys think is a successful pairing with a red gingham.



            I saw a guy wear a red gingham shirt with a navy blue tie and a khaki suit. Looked sharp to me, but he's certainly not working for a bank. I could wear one to work, and no one would care, but I've already got a navy gingham and a red and a navy two tone gingham dress shirt, and I don't need another. I haven't worn the two tone one with a suit yet but I will wear it in a month or so; I think it would look good with a khaki, navy or even grey suit. You're correct that it's not for some work places, especially financial, sales and political sorts of offices, but any business casual workplace could see someone with a red gingham and navy blazer, right?



              Gotcha covered in the "what to wear with..." department:


              That: Check out the individual breakdowns for each piece.



                Does this work? It's in your price range, extra-slim fit, almost red.




                  Nice find, @splitplug!



                    Guiltybystander, nice examples.



                      Definitely out of your price range, but I'm just putting it out there as an option for those willing to drop this cash on a shirt:

                      Kent Wang red gingham $125:




                        I picked up the dark red version ("Elderberry") there a few weeks ago. Non-iron slim fit instead of the classic fit someone posted earlier. First time I wore it I got multiple compliments (which never happens!) simply with Khakis and a navy blazer. It's darker than most have posted, that's for sure.

                        I have also worn the shirt with a grey chambray tie, and a neat gold/yellow tie.