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    Red gingham dress shirt

    I've been looking for one of these for about a month now (I have a red gingham oxford, but want a slimmer fit/stronger collar/less casual material), and am pretty much getting nowhere! First off, red dress shirts just aren't particularly common. Problem number two, red gingham ones are even less so! I can easily find one, but finding one that's a) slim fitting, and b) not expensive is proving problematic. I don't really want to spend more than $50, and while it's easy to find most any shirt I want for $50 and under, red gingham ones seem to mostly be from either more expensive stores (e.g. Saks) or custom clothiers (Ratio, Indochino, et al). I know both of these routes have their advantages, but does anyone have a more affordable outlet? I feel like I've checked all my usual haunts!

    P.S. Note that I'm interested in a larger but not super large pattern. Something like this:


    Wow you are right, there arent many out there.

    Indochino makes one, but its pricey

    Proper cloth has one for 80$

    BR has a fuschia, thats 80$ but there are always codes around e& products%2Fbig-and-tall-fitted-dress-shirts.jsp

    Your best bet might me iTailor. They have a red gingham fabric for their MTM shirts that is 44.95$.



      I think Jcrew has a grape gingham but thats more purple than red.

      I'm not sure about the quality of iTailor shirts so if you do order from them, it'd be great if you could do a review



        There's an iTailor review over here :



          Thanks, Jessy!

          I was hoping to see more pictures on the review and stuff like collar stays being fused or not, comparison with a regular brand they wear, etc. The only photo on that review is a little off (as noted by devirkahan) and the material over the chest/arm joint seems to bunch a little compared to the torso..

          Still, their cheapest shirt is definitely worth a try at that price point.



            Target has a gingham-ish shirt. I bought one the other day online since the local store didn't have it.




              @Andy - I've got two of those shirts, including that red gingham one. I like it a lot but it's definitely not a dress shirt. Collar is button-down and pretty small and the cuffs are definitely not fused. It's a great casual shirt though and they come in really good colors and patterns



                This one has gone on sale numerous times over the last few months:

                This is $44/each if you buy two shirts: 297&Product_Id=1624998&Parent_Id=1032&default_colo r=RED&sort_by=newArrivals&sectioncolor=Red&section size=

                I bought the BB mini gingham in blue and in pink, but they don't make it in red. The mini gingham shirts have Ainsley (semi-spread) collars and are non-iron.



                  Thanks for the suggestions! I know - it is genuinely hard to find a plain red one. I'd seen the BR and J Crew ones and almost convinced myself they were close enough, but they're really not. The problem with the LEC one is that it's a poplin oxford. I have one like that already (and a blue version of that exact shirt) and am looking for something more formal. Same goes for the Target one.

                  I was actually a little surprised J Crew offered a slew of shirts in large purple/blue gingham but literally none in red, when I think it'd be a very J Crewish color. I was already suspecting that I needed to get it from iTailor. Thanks for the confirmation!



                    So here's a similar question that may have the same answer (MTM): where would one find a two-tone gingham dress shirt? I know JCrew did this in the past, and I've seen some from really expensive labels (Gant). Any leads?



                      @BB What do you mean by two-tone ?



                        I think he means one where instead of just being red/white, or blue/white, it'll be red/blue/white,or blue/black/white.



                          Like this ?




                            Yes, precisely! I almost linked that one (mostly because I just bought it last week), but felt like my description was probably thorough enough.



                              Nice! Exactly what I was looking for -- thank you for the link -- and the deal is great. Very helpful!