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My shoes are (slightly) too big

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    My shoes are (slightly) too big

    So a few months ago a found a pair of Paul Stuart driving loafers at my local Goodwill. After a bit of work with them, they are quite nice. Not to mention the leather is so soft it's like walking on damn pillows.

    But the problem is, the size is maybe half a size larger than my size. I can still wear them without someone noticing, but they're loose enough to annoyingly flip-flop on my feet. I tried using a pair of Dr Scholls inserts I had lying around, and although they made the heel fit better, it would squish my toes. Thicker socks also don't help (unless they are super thick, which is a no go in Florida).

    With a normal pair of shoes I'd just give up, but these are just too nice to fail. Any suggestions?


    Well, try pads or insole. If it fails, sell them. No shoe is better than ill-fitted shoe.



      perhaps stuff each toe with one sock, cut up t-shirt, or even a couple of those disposable socks from the shoe stores (the fabric makes it breathable and prevents moisture from lingering)



        try giving those heel pads a try. when I had a pair of shoes that were a bit large I went and purchased the aldo insoles. it is really thin and comfortable. go to an aldo store to give them a try.



          Good ideas. I'll give the stuffed toe a try and if that doesn't work I'll try out some heel pads/insoles.

          Thanks all.



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