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Help finding a versatile (navy) blazer

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    RBMike: I'll be interested in hearing what you learn about CT. You'll notice that I was the guy on SF who initiated that question about the CT blazer. I found a thread on AAAC that suggests that one can have a floating canvas chest piece on a fused jacket. My bigger question is: does it matter? Or am I a victim of on line forum groupthink that tells me I must avoid fused jackets at all costs.

    I was wondering if anyone here has experience with the fit on that HF blazer linked above. My understanding is that HF is more conservative (i.e., boxy); the tailored fit is why I was drawn to the CT blazer, but I've got lingering questions about quality.



      The CT blazer is half-canvassed....not that it really matters. If you have a splendidly-constructed blazer (and CT is very good) a fused blazer can last you for years and years.

      More importantly, this is not a blazer for chunky lads...even the classic fit is fairly slim.

      Hickey Freeman is definitely more full-cut....



        Question to the masses here: What is the general consensus on using a navy blue suit jacket as a blazer?




          The short answer is that blazers and suit jackets have very different textures (suit jackets are almost always finer). If you do this, anyone close to the "know" will know you are wearing an orphan suit coat. It is especially bad with suit coats that have pin stripes...



            You'll get away with it, but not really a "proper" use of a suit jacket. Somebody that knows suits would probably be able to identify that it's a suit jacket and not a blazer, but in a pinch I think it's fine. One thing to keep in mind is that if you have the full suit, wearing the jacket much more often than the pants will cause the jacket to wear faster so I wouldn't do it often if it's part of a full suit.



              Never with pinstripes, but with a solid gray or navy - it can be done.



                FWIW, I posted a fit comparison between the BB Fitz, BB Regent, and CT Tailored blazer here:


                I bought the Fitz.



                  For what it's worth, here are some measurements I received:

                  The Hickey Freeman blazer mentioned above in 38R: Shoulder-Shoulder=18", Sleeve Length=35", Coat Length=31", Chest=40"

                  The Charles Tyrwhitt Classic Fit Blazer in 38R: Shoulder width across 47.3 cm, Chest 105 cm, Waist 97 cm and Length is 76.5 cm

                  If that's to be believed, the CT blazer is 18.6" in the shoulders which seems a bit wide for most 38Rs (I've usually seen them closer to 18"). I asked them to double check these measurements, provide information on jacket construction, and provide information on the CT Tailored Fit measurements.



                    I picked up mine from Macy's for $170. Tommy Hilfiger wool, slim fit, fits similar to their "trim fit" suits, if not an even more fitted/athletic cut. I love the look, although it is still the classic navy blazer. The materials is also a slightly thicker knit, so it has a cool texture to it.

                    Here's the link:



                      Update on Tyrwhitt blazers. I learned both the Tailored Fit and Classic Fit blazers are half-canvassed. Here are the measurements for 38R.


                      Shoulers - 46.4 cm

                      Chest - 105 cm

                      Waist - 97 cm

                      Length - 76.5 cm

                      Lapel – 8 cm


                      Shoulders - 45 cm

                      Chest - 103 cm

                      Waist - 94 cm

                      Length - 75.4 cm

                      Lapel - 6.6 cm

                      There's a free shipping code expiring tonight for orders > $70 on the .com site. Both blazers are a bit cheaper on the UK site, though you pay for shipping. If your credit card company doesn't charge foreign transaction fees, you can save a bit by ordering on the UK site, even with the shipping.