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Help finding a versatile (navy) blazer

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    Help finding a versatile (navy) blazer

    I've recently accepted new employment that requires me to travel to a number of networking events and conferences. Most of these trips will be for networking purposes, but at times I may also present or my organization will serve as host to others.

    Most people who attend are middle-aged. Very few below 50, or 40 even for that matter. I'm 32. The older guard all wear jackets to these meetings and I need one of my own. Something that is versatile and has style, but not enough so to be too flashy. This is a nonprofit / academic crowd. Also, I'd plan on getting the most use from it from Sept - Spring, our busiest time of the year.

    Any suggestions? A year-round option would be ideal. I don't currently own any blazers, although I do have a few suits, which are too much for the occasion.

    Is this a good option?

    Also, any advice on some work appropriate wool slacks that would go well paired with a blazer?


    You're on the right track, but I would suggest limiting your search to 100% wool, two-button, dark navy coats. Pewter or brown horn buttons (brass is what the old guard is wearing, so that's fine too). Worsted wool is fine, but if you're wearing it Fall-Spring, a bit of cashmere would be sick (in a good way).

    I thrifted a cashmere navy blazer with brass buttons. It's stellar. The lapels could be narrower, but I don't mind. A worsted wool is what you see with Indochino. This cashmere fabric is much thicker. And thrifting, it was $5.

    Original sleeves.

    After altering the sleeve length.

    The key is to have a blazer that has nothing unique about it but is of high quality. You make it unique with pocket square, shirt and tie combinations, etc.



      @NC: man you really know your stuff these days! textbook!



        lmao...I've progressed light years in the last year.



          Thanks NC for the reply. One thing I think I do want to avoid is the brass buttons. I'd love to be able to find one thrifting, but I don't often come across many options in my size where I go and live. I'm a 38S, usually.

          If I were looking to buy new, are there any specific brands I should look at known for good affordable quality?



            In no particular order:


            Bar III or Alfani Red (Macy's)

            Banana Republic

            J. Crew Factory

            After getting a wool one, you can look for a three season cotton one then hunt for that order. I'd strongly encourage looking for a two or three piece suit so you can wear the navy pants separately. Well-tailored, you'd have one purchase you could wear many ways.



              If you can find a hopsack blazer, check it out. I thrifted one, and love it. The sort of knitted quality of the weave makes it stand out a bit -- in a good way. Mine is a bit lighter shade of blue than navy, but I wear it way more than my old brass button, "boat captain" one.



                I looked forever for a blazer, and swore that I wouldn't spend more than $300 on it.

                Didn't like anything at Macy's, Nordstrom's was too expensive, Charles Tyrwhitt fit weird, etc.

                As a skinny guy, I settled on the Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald Fit Blazer ( paid $420, have seen it as cheap as $400)

       679&Product_Id=1444761&Parent_Id=217&sort_by=&sect ioncolor=&sectionsize=

                This might also be a very good inexpensive option - a soft, regent fit jacket on sale now for $238. The downside is that it's cotton and a touch more casual:

       678&Parent_id=217&Product_Id=1608384&default_color =Navy

                I agree with nick though: Stick with solid navy, 2 button, no crazy skinny lapels, and make sure the shoulders fit.



                  Zero - That is stellar. In antique navy? You're definitely paying more but getting more.



                    @NC - nice thrift find, that fits you really well

                    - I posted my thrifted blazer in the fit thread, I didn't really like the gold buttons + the cleaners ripped off a button so I had been waiting for a new set to come in so it still hasn't been altered yet:


                    @ks - before I found the blazer above I was looking into the anderson little blazers:

          , it is more of a traditional cut blazer.



                      A Blue Blazer is an investment piece...I wouldn't skimp on it as it will be your go-to coat for as long as you have it. I also would recommend going on the more traditional side (particularly if you will be surrounded by "old guard" types). Brooks Brothers is fantastic...O'Connell is another classic. You can also find a Jack Victor on sale most of the time...

                      a good deal right now is this Hickey Freeman at STP:


                      extra 20% off with SITEBUY712 code.....



                        @NC: I totally missed the $5 price point of your thrifting find. That's awesome!

                        @BB: I've checked out the hopsack blazer options and think those are interesting. Not sure if it should be my first, since there seems to be some variations among weaves, but something I've marked for the future.

                        @zerostyle: the second BB Regent Fit blazer seems good, but I want to avoid cotton for now.

                        For the other two suggestions above, I'm definitely considering the Made in USA Anderson Little and the Hickey Freeman jacket. I've searched online and read some posts by Anderson Little's owner and like his approach to business. And the Hickey Freeman one just seems like a quality option (especially with a 30% Deal Flyer coupon).

                        Thank you all, gentlemen.



                          I'd just second the recommendations above of not going cheap on this. The thing is, if you take many of the good recommendations above, the blazer you buy is going to be in style today, in style in 10 years, in style in 20 years. For something this long term, you need quality. The Brooks Brothers suggestions above are good ones. I'd avoid Banana Republic, Macey's and the like.



                            just to add more options...this is a sensational deal:




                              @bookman - The Charles Tyrwhitt blazer seem (by lack of a mention) to be fused. The Tailored version of the same blazer states it has a 'floating chest piece' though Stylforum's discussion here suggests that this does not indicate whether it, too, is fused. I'm not sure if you were recommending the blazer based on an expectation of canvassed construction. But the Hickey Freeman (full?) and Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald (half canvas) mentioned above are clearer about how they were put together.

                              I sent a query to Charles Tyrwhitt to find out the difference in dimensions between the Classic and Tailored fits in the navy blazer. I'll also ask about canvas construction and will be happy to post the results when I receive them.