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    Be Better Than The Gap

    Just watching Crazy, Stupid, Love and I'm loving the make over part and it's priceless, and if you pay attention it ALWAYS focuses on Ryan Goslings shoes, and I found myself wonder if they were Strands or what.

    It's actually a pretty good demo on clothes shopping though.


    Yeah, I saw that at some point and was sort of amused at how convincingly frumpy Carell was. Dirty white New Balances, ill-fitting khakis, too-large sport coat. Gosling's suits in the movie were... pretty nuts, iirc. I also remember seeing the shoes and thinking, "wow," but that was before I really knew about Strands, or AE at all. I was especially fond of Carell's character talking about how outrageously sweaty he was with all the unnecessary layering. I can identify with that! You're thinking, I know the layering thing makes you look about ten times better, but it's just too hot in some steamy club to be wearing a shirt under a mockneck under a sport coat.



      Really good movie, Gosling owns in it (and Carell is just a great actor)



        His shoes definitely weren't Allen Edmonds. The whole point of his character is that he wears exorbitantly expensive clothes, so his shoes were likely Edward Green, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Gaziano & Girling, etc. I did recognize some Emernegildo Zegna suits in there, just fantastic.



          I read somewhere that he was wearing Givenchy wingtips at some point.



            I know $300 retail Allen Edmonds are considered top level shoes for most of us here—don't get me wrong, they are pricey —but there is a world of shoes out there with construction and looks that are beyond AE Strands.

            ...and for him I did Albert Hammond, Jr. for Confederacy shoes, he had some Alexander McQueen, he's got some Lanvin, he's got some Versace shoes.</blockquote>




              Yea Allen Edmonds would be way below Gosslin's character. Great Movie, but the "be better than the gap" line is probably against the core of this dappered site. One could definitely build a wardrobe similar looking (obviously not the same quality fabric and construction) to what the characters had in the show from Gap level stores with good tailoring.



                I've come back down from the AE high myself, I will buy them as a nice wardrobe staple and work on it but man oh man that whole John Lobb custom foot moulding sounds sexy.

                Ah foodie, I hate the gap/br/old navy so I loved that line, just can't stand their clothes after all my gap jeans wore out at the crotch after 6 months. My friend used to buy BR stuff all the time, it was ok but for the outrageous price it's garbage(Canada). When I say outrageous price, I mean $80 for a button up shirt; same as Express mind you.



                  I mean, those stores just aren't intended to be shopped at unless you are a) sufficiently upper middle class to the point where the price doesn't dissuade you, or b) the type of person who only shops on sales. The sticker prices are immaterial; if you're bothered by them, there are myriad options to get everything they sell for much less. It's like taking issue with MSRPs - who actually pays that much, ultimately?

                  FWIW, I have a pair of Gap jeans I've worn 3-4 times a week for months now, and they're doing just fine. I've also had pretty strong experiences with their sweaters and a few shirts, and excellent luck with their tailored sport coats. The fits can be too large if you don't go for the more modern cuts, but if you do, and if they're on sale, I think it's perfectly solid fit/quality for the price. Gap, I don't really do shirts from, but they've got some very affordable sweaters, pants, and sport coats in fits that are solid, imo. I don't see how someone could be okay with J Crew but literally hate Gap Inc. stores!



                    For informational purposes, here's a list of some truly high end shoes and their appreciation threads on SF:



           (really just one step up from AE)

           (these are truly exceptional, all bespoke)


                    Others that I don't want to find: John Lobb, Carmina, etc..



                      A variety of nice looking shoes are constantly featured here:

                      Here are a couple of other shoe threads:





                        People seem to be pretty happy with that Meermin brand, but I'm still a bit skeptical of spending that much on a shoe you can't try on until it ships across the Atlantic.



                          @pitseleh I don't mind jcrew at all because their shirts are $20 and actually intended for guys with more of a vtaper. Gap cost more, fits worse and really isn't much better than old navy, this is old based on old experience but I see absolutely no reason to shop their as their top tier brand BR I personally think is as I said "over priced garbage"



                            Where in the world do you find jcrew shirts at 20$ ???



                              Sale items when they are %30, my long sleeve polo, henley and slim fit polo were all around $23