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Best Fitting T-Shirts and Polos?

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    Best Fitting T-Shirts and Polos?

    Looking for some suggestions here guys, and I figure the topic title is self-explanatory. For reference, I'm 5'11, 160 and in shape, but lately I've found that a lot of t-shirts and polos that fit me well are too long to leave untucked. For undershirts I typically stock up on the Mossimo v-necks and crew necks at Target, but left untucked those shirts will cover my butt. Not the look you want to go for with a shirt. Same problem with Express Fitted Polos or Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Polos...far too long to leave untucked. Any recommendations on shirts that will fit well (sizing down isn't really an option here, as putting me in a small t-shirt would make me look like I'm about to Hulk Out).

    I should note that part of the reason I'm looking for properly fitting t-shirts to leave untucked is for the casual outfit shown in this video:


    I recently bought a polo from uniqlo. The fit is excellent and similar to RL custom fit. Things I really like apart from fit is that they can be left untucked, 2 buttons instead of the usual 3, and no logo whatsoever.



      Aeropostal has solid colored, logo-less athletic fit polo for $13.25/each. I've never seen them in store so you'll probably have to buy online which charges shipping...Shipping to the US is flat rate if you buy one or ten...

      A good strategy would be to go in store, find the clearance rack and buy any athletic fit polo which will probably have a 12" logo but at around $5...Wash the thing and see how you like the fit...If you like it and/or believe it's worth spending a few bucks at the tailor, great...Now donate it to goodwill...Now you can buy the solids online for $13.25 each...



        @Zack - I'm about the same build as you (5'10", 155) and my favorite tees in the whole world are Target's Mossimo tees. They fit really well (I wear a small), though they are a bit long. They come in great colors and patterns and are a mere $10.

        As for polos, I've had luck with Gap's contrast collar polos that Joe mentioned here.



          @BJ-the Mossimo tees are great (I wear undershirts every day, and these are my go to). However, the length is way too long for untucked casual wear. Since we're the same build, are the smalls too tight on you, and are they much shorter in length than the medium? Worst case scenario I could attempt to size down, but I don't like shirts that cling to me like body paint.



            The smalls fit me well. If I remember correctly, I think they shrink considerably over time from drying. I've been air-drying mine and they haven't shrunk so far. They're still a bit long though.



              Adidas makes some great polos in tons of colors, combinations, and patterns. A medium might fit you just right. They usually have just enough tail to allow them to be worn either in or out. Check out their golf and tennis lines.

              Check out Descente too. They make some really awesome mercerized cotton polos that will get lots of looks. Try a medium. I also wear those either in or out and they look great both ways.

              I'll have to check out the Mossimo t-shirts.



                @Zach - I've stocked up on these shirts from J. Crew Factory. i think the last time I bought during a sale, I was getting them for $5.50 each? Right now they're $8.50. They just fit really well, and as a shorter guy myself, I'm pretty conscious of shirts that are too long.

                Yes, there's a small logo (oarsman?) but I've made peace with that for now.

                Pocket T:

                Regular Crewneck:



                  I like J. Crew's pocket tees. I think I got them on sale for $13.30 each. The non-slim version is slim on me, so I can imagine the slim-fit would work well for you.



                    This may be an appropriate question to ask here; hope the OP doesn't mind.

                    What happened to the Mossimo Athletic Fit Polos from Target? They were spoken fairly highly of on Dappered but I can't find them anywhere on the website.



                      H&M is always a good bet.