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Suit Pants Pockets Flare Out. What to do?

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    dash, maybe I am just a cheap ass, but I probably try super gluing some velcro in there before paying a tailor to do it. should work fine and if it doesn't hold you can always go to the tailor to get it done right. Plus the pants aren't that high quality.

    While we are on the topic of these pants, was anyone else really disappointed with the fit of the lower leg? They upper part was nice and slim (maybe a little too slim) but then the lower leg was very wide and flared out, almost resembling bell bottoms. The leg opening was wider than some of my Jos A Bank normal fit pants. I got them tapered and they look great now, but I was disappointed having to spend money on that after buying "slim fit"



      Of course. It is an issue of fit. On this particular problem pleated pants are more forgiving for a slightly off fit. That is why I don't necessarily subscribe to the idea that everyone looks better in flat front pants. If the fit is off (which to be honest is probably the case on about 80% of american men) it will generally look worse with flat front pants in my opinion.




        I didnt have that problem with mine.




          I'm with you on the whole "trying too hard" thing in regards to sewing your pockets shut.


          This is the very reason i still have a number of pleated trousers for work. With someone such as myself that has a bigger hips/ass to waist ratio, it just helps with the roominess. I know one of the knocks on pleated pants is that they cause an awkward crotch bulge, but with me I find that more often the awkward crotch bulge occurs with flat front due to the pockets sticking out. Of course, that's not to say I haven't had flat front pants that I've liked.



            Well I went to the tailor and they said they could put little velcro strips on there to hold it down. We will see if it works or not. I'm hoping for the best. I get the pants back Saturday and I will let you guys know how it went.



              Sorry, dude. I have the same problem. My only solution was to 1)Lose weight in the ass and 2)Try on different pants to the point of exhaustion.

              Suits are a tough one. Luckily my tailor is pretty good at correcting the problem, though I have lost a few pounds as well.

              Let us know how the velcro thing goes. That's a pretty clever idea!



                I suggested the Velcro strip without any real certainty of how well it would actually work but certainly keep us updated! I'd like to know how it goes.

                Another tip: Sewing the Velcro strip on may be ideal (especially if you decide to remove it later) but if you're ever in a bind and can't wait for the tailor you may consider the iron-on Velcro tape. You can pick it up at any sewing/craft store or online.



                  GO to a Button store and get zippers have your tailor sew them on. they are discreet will hold pocket down and and will still be functional. On your next suit purchase by a pant with beesom pockets, this prevents the pockets from flaring out.



                    @Glen What does your tailor do to correct the problem on suit pants? I'm having the same issue with Indochino pants...



                      Well the velcro seemed to do the trick for the most part.



                        I also have been blessed with a bit too much booty and have had this problem as well from time to time. My solution? I just never wear those pants without a sportcoat/blazer. Out of sight, out of mind. I know that isn't always practical, but it may be more agreeable than sewing your pockets shut.

                        You also might want to try just wearing your pants a bit higher up on your waist. You'll most likely still have the flaring, but it won't be so pronounced.