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Suit Pants Pockets Flare Out. What to do?

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    Suit Pants Pockets Flare Out. What to do?

    I just recently bought two Hilfiger trim fit suits. I'm having a problem with the pants though as they flare out at the pockets and completely ruins the clean lines. While I wear my jacket you can't see it, but when it comes off it looks bad. I have a naturally big butt which is probably contributing to the problem. I have about a 33 waist so I usually get 34 pants to fit my butt, although I never bought a slim fit pant before. When getting the Hilfiger suits, I tried a 36, but even that was too tight around my butt despite having plenty of room in the waist. I ended up getting a 38 waist, which fit my butt comfortably finally but the pockets still flared.

    I tailored the rest of the pants so it would fit normally on my thighs and waist, but I still have the pockets flaring out. Should I go ahead and just sew the pockets up and lose that function? I'm not sure what to do. Is it possible to sew part of the pocket up so it still has functionality but won't flare? Thanks for any advice.


    Let me guess, the pockets run straight up, following the seam of the pants very closely. I too have a generous posterior, and I had this problem with a pair of land's end year-rounders.

    Maybe your tailor could let out the back seam below the waist, I don't know if that will fix the problem, though.

    As for sewing up the pockets, you could totally do that, although you will probably lose functionality.



      Here is a picture of what is happening. Ignore the T-Shirt, its for working out in. Let me know what you think after seeing it.



        You might not like this solution, but having them sewn shut on the inside might fix this. Putting crap in your pockets isn't doing the clean lines any favors anyway.



          Is that the only solution you think? I really rather not lose the functionality as I would have no where to put my phone. I could put it in my jacket I suppose, but if I had that on all the time then the flared out pockets wouldn't matter. If I pull down bottom part of the pocket manually, it stays flat but you could still fit slim things in the pocket. Can a tailor sew the bottom part in a way to make it lie flat?



            It's possible... Sewing the bottom to the lining of the trousers such that it pulls tight isn't something that I've ever had done or heard of, but it could well be possible. Certainly wouldn't hurt talking to your tailor about it! I think this is something that a skilled tailor could probably figure out a way to fix.



              Kenneth I think you're right after pondering it for a while. The clean lines get ruined anyway with the big iphone in there, so I'm just going to have the pockets sewn shut. Going to carry everything in the back pocket if I wear my pants separate and be mindful of my phone.



                I dunno, I think I would be pretty embarrassed when someone realizes you sewed your pockets up, and trust me, they will realize.



                  I've actually been thinking about that a lot since I've been willing to sew up my pant pockets and keep flip flopping like crazy on what I should do. Still not sure now.




                    If it was sewn closed about a half-inch in, I can't imagine it would be noticeable. But it's all in the presentation, "yes, this designer is featuring a line of pants like this in 2013."



                      You know, I've had the same problem with my Hilfiger slim fit pants.

                      And I never could figure out a solution but for some reason this thread made me think of one that I may try.

                      How about sewing a button on the inside of the pocket? Or possible (if you could stand the noise of opening it) a thin strip of Velcro. Or perhaps even a snap-button closure.

                      If you go with the button you could button attached to the inside of the outer flap of the pocket and the only indication would be the small dot where the threads pass through. If you match the thread with the fabric it would be almost invisible. Or you could attach the button to the lining and have the button hole pass through the pocket almost like it was a design feature.

                      Similar to this

                      Obviously not the most elegant solution but it works.



                        This is the issue with flat front pants. Despite the fashion industry pushing hard for them part of the reason pleated pants exist is to remedy this exact problem. The gaping and flaring of the pockets is caused by horizontal stress on the garment. Pleated pants allow some of that stress to be alleviated without affecting the drape as much. Flat front pants sadly have much less forgiveness and a slightly off fit will cause the pocket flaring.

                        In my experience your options are sew the pockets shut or somehow relieve the horizontal stress another way either by letting it out or sizing up and then getting the waist taken in.



                          NC, I didn't so much mean people would notice visually, but I imagine at some point an awkward situation comes up where someone asks you to hold their keys or something and you say, eh, well, um, my pockets are sewed up.

                          OR, what would happen to me is being that I have spent decades with pockets not sewn, and all the rest of my pants have pockets, the creature of habit in me would constantly try to slip my phone or something in my pockets only to realize it is sewn, and people would see that and think it was very odd.

                          In my book, this just goes into the "trying to hard" category. If we are so concerned about the perfect look of our pants that we forgo such things as pockets, whats next?

                          And dash, for the record, I have the same pants and mine do it to, though maybe not as bad. I just live with it.



                            I'm thinking about asking how much it would cost to add velcro on the inside because that seems like a perfect compromise. Has the look of sewn shut but can be opened when I need it to. I wouldn't mind the noise. I'll see how much it would cost my tailor if they can do it.



                              I have the same issue with those pants as well (and with Landsend..) I like the idea of a small velcro piece.

                              In terms of it being in issue with flat pants as mentioned above, well, I can say that its not the case with all brands of flat pants. I only have the issue with the Tommy pants and with Lands end.