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    Opinion on Watch?

    I've been looking for a dress watch recently. I read good things about Parnis through GQ and Esquire and they seem to be good looking watches at an affordable price.

    I've been reading dappered for the past 6 months and respect everyone's opinions on here. I'm leaning towards getting this watch. t_2819wt_1105

    I was initially leaning towards getting something similar to the JCrew Timex 1600, like the Tissot Classic Dream, which would cost around $150.

    However, I feel like the Parnis has a little more character and the blue numbers and hands add a little bit more flair to the watch. What does everyone think?


    The parnis isnt too bad looking. The dial is a little busy and 43mm is pretty large for a watch without a bezel. Depending on what your going to use it for makes a difference too. The Tissot seems like it would be more appropriate in dressy attire and the opposite for the parnis.



      I agree w/ ryan, parnis looks nice & a bit busy for my taste.

      - what size is your wrist? I have 7" wrists an the 43mm would look huge lol.

      - I like the tissot design because of how minimal it is. seagull has similar design m187s



        I couldn't wait and ended up purchasing this one, which is very similar to the other Parnis. It is essentially a homage to the IWC Portuguese, but I don't mind that.

        I'm probably going to be wearing it with my walnut Strands, dress shirts, and dress pants without a tie, which is my business casual look. Although I'm considering wearing it with my Hilfiger trim suits in navy and grey (matched up with my Strands). I guess anything I'm wearing Strands with is going to be a little less dressy.



          I think faces like this are dressier, less is more generally






              That seagull is really nice looking. Almost wishing I would have waited now. My wrists aren't big either unfortunately. All my other watches are pretty small, so I don't mind getting a little bit bigger. We'll see how it goes. I'm still pretty new to the watch game. I'll chalk it up to trial and error until I'm ready to make a big purchase.



                congrats on your purchase

                - I almost picked up that seagull i linked to, but ended up getting the m177s recenly and put it on a nato band for casual days & a brown leather to dress it up more:



                  Hey the watch is inexpensive. All and all get it if you like it and wear it in good health.



                    I recently was trying to find the perfect dressy watch to start my watch collection. I looked at a lot of options but ended up getting this Orient Bambino. I used a 30% off coupon (u can google to find them) and ending up paying about 180.00 for it. I absolutely love it. The case is 40mm which i think is great for my 6.75" wrist. Its not too small and not too big IMO.

                    here are some pics of mine on various natos, the band width is 20mm, the last band is only 18mm though



                      The Parnis is cool. I don't think 43mm is really a large watch anymore, and it depends a lot of how flat your wrist is. I have a miniscule 5.5in wrist but feel comfortable wearing sport watches to about 42-43mm without worries.

                      @DapperDee, the Orient looks great on those NATOs. I love classy dress watches dressed down with a good striped NATO. I also like that you're rocking a smaller width on the third one. A lot of people think exposing the spring bars is a no-no but I think, that since most watched come on a tapered bracelet, it actually looks more proportionate to the design of the watch.