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Need a reason to stop buying athletic shoes?

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    Need a reason to stop buying athletic shoes?


    S.F. robbers steal 100 pairs of shoes

    Two men made off with more than 100 pairs of athletic shoes from a store in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset neighborhood Thursday night after they duct-taped the store owner and two of his friends, police said.

    The men first entered the store on the 2700 block of Judah Street to buy a few pairs of shoes that were on sale, said Officer Gordon Shyy.

    They returned with guns at about 7 p.m. to take the rest, forcing the 23-year-old store owner and his friends –a 22-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman — on the floor and duct-taping their hands and feet, Shyy said.

    After taking the shoes and the victims’ wallets, they took off in one of the friend’s cars.

    The victims described the men as black and in their 20s, Shyy said. One was wearing a gray T-shirt and the other a gray-black sweatshirt. They drove away in a silver, four-door hatchback.</blockquote>

    This is a few blocks from my house. Bet this would not have happened at a Johnston & Murphy store or an Allen Edmonds Shoe Bank.


    Sad story. Hope they had a video surveillance system in place and perhaps and computer inventory of the shoes and their respective serial numbers.



      @nicholascrawford - and why is that?



        I would never spend a ton of money on high end athletic shoes for exactly this reason.



          I feel like if that's the exact reason you don't want to spend money on high end athletic shoes, then you probably don't shop in any jewelry stores either? Since those do get robbed as well. Or perhaps your local 7-11? Seeing that you're from San Francisco, would you not dare walk around Oakland at any time of day because of what you've heard about the city?

          I just think this is a ridiculous generalization about athletic shoes and athletic shoe shopping



            Really? Have you heard of folks getting robbed for their dress shoes? Because I really would reconsider buying expensive dress shoes if that were happening.



              I'm also not sure I understand where you're coming from. As a previous poster mentioned, using this line of reasoning, you shouldn't carry *anything* that would markedly increase your chances of being robbed or mugged. No watches, no other fancy jewelry, no large sums of cash on you, no iPods, MP3 players, or other expensive gadgets (e.g. $500 off-contract smart phones), and no fancy duds that would send a signal to prospective muggers that you're a man of means and thus worth robbing to begin with. A nice car might also be risky, depending on the situation. And of course, it would mean not going anywhere where safety was in question! That includes your (potentially) favorite dive bars and a lot of amazing restaurants in slummy areas.

              I've never heard of anyone being robbed for their dress shoes, but honestly, this story serves only as anecdotal evidence; I've only known a handful of people who were held up for their sneakers, and I grew up near more than a few bad neighborhoods in the nineties in Cleveland, a city in decline. From my perspective, that type of stuff does happen, especially in really bad neighborhoods, but not nearly as much as UMC people seem to think it does. One isolated event that reinforces typically irrational fears about sneaker mugging stereotypes shouldn't be enough to dissuade you from nice things if you actually want them! Frankly, I've known far more people who've been robbed for their cash/watches/nice jackets/smart phones.



                few blocks from my house as well...



                  some guy was robbed of his shoes in the tenderloin a couple of days ago...

                  For robbers, it's so much easier to steal and resell some nike limited shoes than handmade bespoke shoes.



                    I try to be the least desirable person at the bus stop to rob. My wedding ring was $35. I don't wear watches. No cash in my wallet/back pocket. Still, dressing well but not with anything worth stealing.

                    A bunch of people in my neck of the woods get duct taped over shoes? No thank you! I don't mean to piss you off on a Friday night, but this served as a reminder to me how some high-priced fashion items can just serve to make you a target.



                      I'm gonna stick to my gel lyte III, best non dressy shoes ever...

                      High priced items will make you an easier target, but dressing down doesn't make you exempt. I've been mugged a few times in San Francisco having probably $10 worth of cash on me and a broken cell phone. They look for easy targets. Most muggers will have no idea what is in your pocket. Just gotta learn to live and walk the streets in these kind of cities



                        Nah, I don't think anyone's bent out of shape! I don't particularly disagree with you; I'm sure there's tons of material for a Fox reality show called 'Peacockin' Gone Wrong," and I often leave cash or my cell phone at home when I think I won't need them to limit liability when going out later at night. I am, however, somewhat wary of the topic because it's typically presented in a politicized context, and most the people I've seen complain about shoes/Starter jackets (remember those?!) making one a target wouldn't hesitate to wear nice watches or trot out their iPhones. I'm a little surprised that you don't carry cash or wear a watch, though! At least you're consistent.



                          Someone robbed a store and this is reason enough for you not to want to buy what's sold at the store? That thought process does not seem sensible to me. For what it's worth, I know that suits and other high-end dress clothing gets stolen as well. All you've got to do is pop over to eBay to see there's significant resale value on this stuff.



                            Yeah, this story isn't even about shoes being stolen off of feet. Tons of stores get robbed and items get fenced. I see where you're coming from but its more of an excuse not a real reason.

                            If anything, this is a good reason to buy athletic shoes because it sounds like a bunch will be listed for sale at a discount pretty soon



                              Saying you shouldn't buy athletic shoes because people rob athletic shoe stores is like saying you shouldn't use money because people rob banks.