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Black Tie Preferred...To Tux or not to Tux

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    Thanks JT. The desire for the bowtie is due to the fact that the wedding is in the South and the bride; who is a close friend of my wife's is very much a Southern Belle. When I think of the old South I think of bowties.



      In general, Black Tie preferred means "wear Black Tie." I agree that, if you can't afford one (either renting or purchasing) then a dark suit with a black necktie is the best option. In these types of parties, you are not looking to stand out...standing out is bad...If I were making the choice, I would just rent a tux.

      If you do decide to look for a tux to buy, then I would suggest making sure that it has peak grosgrain lapels, a single button closure, and no vent in the back of the jacket.

      This one is available for $400, and is a great deal.... to wear a self-tie bowtie....



        ^ in good conscience it seems unconscionable to allow a JAB tuxedo to be recommended when an Indochino custom has been proposed for even less .

        And I must express indignation that any gentleman would wear a self-tie bowtie! (I say this after spending hours learning how to tie a bowtie right before the event I was wearing one to)



          I stand by both recs....and have never liked Indochino; probably my least favorite lapels of any legitimate suitmaker, and they don't change their suggestions for tuxedos from their normal suit suggestions (i.e.: they say a one button tuxedo is "fashion forward," when it is the classic and historical norm).The button stance is also too high for a classic tuxedo; but, now I'm nit-picking..

          It's a good alternative to Banana Republic, though...

          Self tie bowties (which you must wear with a tuxedo) are the ones you tie yourself.

          Pre-tied bowties make the angels weep......and the Italians laugh....



            Vis-a-vis the bowtie, oops! Misread your comment entirely. My mistake.



              I'd have to agree with the prevailing sentiment here: wear a tuxedo. Despite the social rules of when (time of day) to wear a tuxedo, the color of the jacket, etc., go with a black, peak lapel 2 button standard "tux" tuxedo. If the couple getting married thought enough so say "prefer" on their save the date, it could be safe to assume that they'd prefer their guests not to not wear one.

              If cost is a concern, try saving $50 a month. You mentioned that it's a spring ceremony - that's got to be 7-9 months away, right? $350 can certainly buy a respectable second-hand tuxedo (which may not even need to many alterations).

              Unless you're 60 and have made it through life without ever renting or having to own a tux, use this as an excuse to invest in one. Just 3 wears in its lifetime pays for the price of a moderate tuxedo vs. renting. And trust me: comfort is key in events where black-tie is optional. No one stands out in at evening/formal events in tuxedo (their original purpose), gentlemen that try edgy or formal-suit combos do, which may make the wearer incredibly uncomfortable.

              Watch a red carpet show (or look at Esquire/GQ still shots of one) and see who the "winners" and "losers" are. Classic tuxedo at a black-tie option event will not only placate your hosts, but will probably win you points with your date.