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[REVIEW] Banana Republic - Jarrett Suede Oxfords Review

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    [REVIEW] Banana Republic - Jarrett Suede Oxfords Review

    Picked this up last week during BR Father's Day Sale $72 (@ 40% off).

    I saw that Joe did a review, so I figured I would do one also w/ a

    few more images.

    I usually wear a 9.5 and sized down 1/2 size. For the first few hours

    they were a bit snug in the toe area due to my wide feet but after

    awhile they have now loosened up and pretty comfortable. I do

    get a little bit of heel slippage on my left foot but not bothersome

    at all.

    As for build quality not sure how they will hold up long term, however

    on first glance they look & feel great. As you can see from the images,

    the stitch work is very well done & consistent throughout the welt area.

    I agree w/ Joe that the insoles do have a nice spring to them. They

    are thin and the insoles are glued on. I was able to pull it up a bit

    since the glue was not too sticky. Once I pressed the insole back down

    again it was still sticky enough to hold the insole again.

    This is my first pair of BR shoes and so far I have enjoyed them

    around the house this past week. I have not worn them out yet because

    I am still trying to decide whether to keep or not. My issue w/ them

    is not w/ the shoe, but more of I don't know what to wear them with!

    - If any of you have any ideas please help me out

    Hope this helps anyone

    (click image for larger size)


    They look sharp!

    Pairing suggestions...jeans, naturally. Khaki colors. White pants without socks. Brightly colored chinos. Not with creased dress pants.



      Those are casual enough. Wear them the same way you would wear boat shoes. Summer casual attire, sockless, even with shorts IMO.

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



        cool thanks nc & greg. as far as shirts go, polo and button downs free game w/ these shoes?



          Yep. I'd really wear those with anything from chinos and a button down to shorts and a t-shirt or polo.

          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



            I agree, free game on shirts. I think they'd pair great with khaki-color or white chinos, possibly sans socks like NC said.



              they'd go good with light gray cotton pants, as well.



                Pairing these with khakis and a white shirt, what color belt would one opt for when a webbed navy belt would be under dressed... ?