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    Zara site-wide sale

    As things stand I need to get a full suit, tie, dress shirt and a briefcase. Zara's site wide sale makes them a great option, does anyone know about their quality and their fitting?


    Suits/Jackets are very slim fit. I normally wear a size 36 and have to size up to a 38 in their jackets.

    - A lot of their suiting/jackets are poly or poly blends, I tend to avoid these. This season they have a lot of natural fiber stuff, though.

    - Quality wise, the stuff is decent but mid-range, I like the stuff a lot more at these sale prices.

    - I personally like the taper of their pants.

    - Avoid thinner knit items, I got a couple cardigans and they all had holes in them pretty quick.

    - No personal experience with dress shirts.

    - I don't really trust leather goods from them: Shoes, Belts or Bags.

    - I have a waxed cotton tote with leather detailing though, from last season, and it has held up great. I use it mostly as a beach bag.



      Does anyone have any experience with the fit on their shirts? They have a lot of options and the prices aren't bad. Also, any idea how long the sale is?

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        I'm a small guy (5'9 135), but a small dress shirt ('Zara Man') I have from them is closer fitting than any of my tailored shirts.

        I've avoided their suits for the same reason mentioned above. Even on sale I've never been impressed with their construction - a lot of it fits me off the rack, so believe me as a very slim man it's tempting, but I would rather spend my money on something of higher quality.

        If you're slim (and I mean actually slim, like me), need a suit ASAP, and can't get to a tailor, then Zara is probably one of your best bets. If you have more time then I would save your money.