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    Washington DC Metro Meetup

    There has been some interest in arranging a DC Dappered Meetup. I am happy to take the lead on putting something together. I thought it best to start a thread specifically dedicated to discussing and eventually finalizing plans.

    I am friendly (not friends but friendly) with the owner of Jack Roses. For those of you who don't know Jack Roses yet, shame on you. I was thinking for our first meetup we could try and do a Saturday or Sunday afternoon whiskey tasting. The afternoons are best because Jack Roses is typically near empty between lunch and dinner crowds and I assume it would interfere least with other commitments.

    If you are interested, please respond with your top 3 preferred dates as well as how much you would be willing to spend on a tasting. I will work with Bill (owner) to put something together once I am able to gauge everyones interest. I was thinking August to September time period?

    At this point I know that I am unavailable the first weekend in August (brothers wedding) and Labor Day weekend. My preferences at this point in time would probably be: August 18-19, August 11-12, September 8th.

    Looking forward to whatever we end up figuring out.

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    This would be great and probably be the largest collection of AE strands in one place.

    I also have a number of connections with bars in the H Street area if Jack Rose doesn't work out.

    I agree on the afternoon suggestion as nothing is better than a good summer day drink.

    I'm also tied up the first weekend of august and labor day. Otherwise I am open in that time frame.

    I'd say 50-60 for a tasting would be fair. More if there are snacks involved.

    Thanks for kicking this off tdig!

    Dress for style, live for results.



      @tdig, great idea and I would be interested.

      As for my preferences:

      1. Availability- I am flexible (currently looking for employment)

      2. Place sounds legit esp if you have a "connect"

      3. Cost- I guess I have to play it by ear, but, from experience, I have been to whiskey tastings in the $20-30 range.

      4. Disclaimer: Most likely will be the lamest dressed guy looking to get inspiration.

      Hope things change professionally, but, nonetheless, I would be interested in meeting those I get style tips from. Until then....



        I'd be interested. I'm down for whatever. Keep me in the loop!



          I'm tempted to show up to this in a hoodie and sweatpants.



            actually moving away on july 31st, so will sadly not be attending



              Bump. Hope everyone made it through the storm!

              Dress for style, live for results.



                I've still got no power in North Bethesda. Heading to the beach though today thankfully. I won't be around much this week but I'll check in on this thread every so often. Would love to get a nice sized group together.

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                  Mentioned something to the owner of Jack Roses and he's willing to work out a nice tasting for us but he's out on vacation through the end of next week. By the time he gets back I'd love to have a close count to give him. So far it looks like:









                  Who else?

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                    I would love to attend but just moved out of the area for a campaign. Will be back in the District post-election (starting mid-November). If this becomes a regular meet up, I, and my DC prep-infused wardrobe, will be making an appearance.



                      I'm mostly a lurker here but I would attend this meetup for a few reasons:

                      1.) whiskey

                      2.) never done a meetup before

                      3.) I love the idea of a bunch of natty d00ds having a big blind date for daytime whiskeys.



                        Oh man, thanks to tdig for pointing me to this thread. I'd love to do this meetup however... the dates don't work.

                        I'll be gone most of August for work (overseas) and on September 8th I'm doing the Tough Mudder. If another date is feasible, I'm game!

                        September is primo race month though.



                          Another DC-situated lurker in hiding here. I'd be up for whiskey either of the weekends in August.