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    Beach Footwear

    Ok fellas, so I dumped my over the knee loose fitting swimming trunks and ordered these in Old Sport Red and Sail Blue:

    Hopefully, they don't look too short on me, since I have longish legs - 32" inseam.

    Now, I need shoes/flip flops/sandals to wear on the beach. What do you recommend? I'm thinking flip flops would be best to walk on the sand.


    You'll be fine, 7" isn't that short. Might be weird at first, but you'll quickly grow to love it.

    As for flip flops, I've heard Rainbows are really good. I think they're a bit more expensive, so you could probably find good things for cheaper, but Rainbows are supposedly very nice.



      I can't seem to figure how people walk in flip flops all day long, I can't walk more than three steps with those things. Is there another alternative ?



        Yeah im all ears for something other than sandals or crocs



          Teva. My personal favorite.



            I've had rainbows for going on 8-10 years now(before I found this site), I've bought three pairs over those years, and had four or five.. One of the greatest things about them is their warranty; if something goes wrong with them before you wear through the sole or top layer, they'll replace them for free(can't remember if I paid shipping), I had one pair, the stitching came loose after two years and I called them up, shipped them out and received a brand new pair in a timely manner.

            A couple little things about the sandals.. First, like any other leather footwear, they'll have a break in period, they may not feel great at first, furthermore, the dye from the sandal will rub off on your feet the first couple weeks(nothing a scrub in the shower shouldn't cure).

            Also on the leather, like any other leather they aren't super amazing when submerged in water, they'll warp like your oxfords would without shoe trees.

            If you have any specific questions I'll try my best to answer them.

            One thing I could never figure out: who in their right mind thought of sandals for sand(besides being easy on and off)?? It doesn't seem very functional, I've been around the block when it comes to sandals and the beach, but right when I hit the sand, the sandals come off. The flick sand everywhere and they're not very stable..



              Chaco Flips are the best flip-flop around, by far. They are pricey at $60 MSRP, but you can find them a lot cheaper on sale (got mine for $25) and they are basically bomb-proof. I've had mine for about 4 years now and they still look as good as new. And unlike your cheap plastic flip-flops or leather Rainbows, you can chuck 'em in the washing machine with a couple towels and they will come out spotless and odor-free.






                Sean Connery rocked 'em.



                  @Mike, haha, I agree. They're good around sand, but actually on sand they are terrible.

                  And you get used to walking in them if it's a decent pair, it just requires a bit breaking in.