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Looking for a classic shoe, with a slimmer profile

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    Looking for a classic shoe, with a slimmer profile

    I feel like any true Oxford I try is huge on my foot. At size 11 and not wide, I don't feel like that should happen. I'm resigned to only looking at Bluchers for a more tapered look but would love input.

    The only shoe that I've tried that I feel looks good on my foot is &storeId=11001&productId=324578&CM=GPL&catalogId=1 0050&ddkey=http:ReferralView

    This shoe felt large on my foot: p=396246

    but I want to find something other than Johnston and Murphy, hopefully something that has a better construction. I've tried a few AE's, Cole Haan, J&M, even Ballys. Is there something in the descriptiong that I can include to find a shoe that doesn't appear so....bulbous? Or am I just crazy.

    Thank you in advance


    I am so with you on this. Need help as well.

    (Although some Allen Edmonds are a bit trimmer. As well as some far more expensive shoes. I need stuff in the $100-$150 range.)



      Certainly not cheap still, but you could look at the shoe makers listed here to see if any of the shoe shapes are appealing to you:

      One thing I've done is I've looked at some of the higher end shoe makers to see what their shoes look like and which shapes I like, and what I find is that I don't often see similar sleek shapes on lower price point shoes. Go figure: you pay for looks .



        Pretty much any decent made shoe > $200 runs a bit slimmer.

        AE, Crockett & Jones, Loake 1880, etc. Also look at that new Meermin line from spain for ~ $200 USD per shoe.

        Alden actually is a bit clunky. J&M seems a bit clunky as well.

        If you need to stay really cheap, I'd say look for maybe Magnanni or To Boot NYC at Nordstrom Rack.



          Wait until you get older and your feet get much bigger. Then you'll really have a complex.

          I wear 11D and have never felt like a shoe looked big on my foot.



            I'm definitely willing to pay a higher price point for the shoe. I consider it an investment that I will be able to reap the benefits of for years.

            Thank you for the suggestions. I liked the look of the Loakes and the Meermin. Also the Crockett and Jones. I've never bought internationally, being from the US, so I'm a little bit more hesitant to purchase online without trying them first.

            I'm hoping that by the time my foot stretches out to be a wider fit that my shoes will either stretch with me or I can wear boat shoes 24/7.