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    Originally posted by mark4 View Post
    Whatever you wear in the heat of a Carolina Piedmont summer should be fine in the SW as far as comfort. The sun in the SW is a little more intense so be a little more careful about getting burned. If you've ever wanted to experiment with elements of Western flair - a bolo tie, big belt buckle, cowboy hat or boots (or both) this is your chance. Those looks are far more mainstream out there than anywhere else. Keep in mind that the temperature is partially determined by elevation - if you're up in say Santa Fe or Taos or Flagstaff - it will be decidedly cooler. Last May I was in Tucson and it was pretty hot down there on the hottest days (it was just touching the low 90s at worst) but up at the Grand Canyon it snowed 3-4 inches.
    I have quickly noticed the sun intensity. I genetically don't burn so usually just use skin lotion with low SPF but here in the High Desert it isn't working. I have already been shopping bolo ties, as I haven't meet/ virtually meet any of my coworkers that wear fabric ties. I might get into the cowboy boots though my grandfather keeps joking that a pair of desert boots are a must.


      I'm hot blooded and I've found Uniqulo airism undershirts are a lifesaver. Also, if you haven't picked up some performance material/moisture wicking underwear I highly recommend you do so. Pro tip, tuck your undershirt into your underwear (I know it sounds crazy) and tuck your shirt into your pants. Everything stays put much better. Lastly, a little desk fan can work wonders if your office is hotter than you'd like.


        Thought I would give a quick update as the temperatures have reached 100 plus consistently. Electric bill is expensive but not to shocking yet though the company is thinking about raising rates. Clothing wise I can't remember the last time I wore a long sleeve button up which use to be my go to. I now wear lots of golf polos and any pants that breath, which I have annoyingly discovered that lots of companies don't let you search by fabric. I honestly think chinos, chukkas and polos are just going to become a standard uniform. I am defiantly looking more into cowboys boots or another type of good leather boots for field work as leather really helps with keeping all the spikes and needles that every plants has. Might even start a post about that.