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    What I Appreciate About

    I've been coming to the site for years and will occasionally visit the forum - I like both tremendously. I don't post much, but thought it would be nice to support the site and all those that make the main page and forum happen.

    I love how the main page shows the deals and provides solid fashion advice through short articles!

    At times like this, visiting Dappered is a bit of pre-covid home, it feels good to see the deals and read Joe's witty writing style.

    Thank you Dappered!

    Keep it up!

    I also like the brevity of the articles. What I really appreciate is Joe's approach to this. I get the sense that he understands the importance of dressing well, but that these are only things, and we shouldn't take it so seriously. I used to frequent Style Forum but stopped because it was just depressing. Nothing was ever good enough for some posters. I like clothes, but they're only part of who I am.

    Also, I think I've gotten most of my podcast and music recommendations from this site over the past year or two!