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Slim Fit Sweaters for a slim guy.

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    Slim Fit Sweaters for a slim guy.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for sweaters for a slim fit guy? I'm about 5'11", 39" chest, 33 arms, 32 waist, 160lb, with a pretty long torso (my inseam is like 30"). I ordered the Nordstrom Calibrate Sweater in medium and its fits me wonderfully, except for the fact that it is about 3 inches too short, stopping above my belt. Hell breaks loose if i raise my arms. The best fit i have found are express sweaters in large, but i don't really like their quality.



    I've got an old Express sweater, and while I like the argyle pattern on it, it's not my favorite fit. My go-to sweaters are:


    -A Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater I found at Marshall's for $30

    -A merino wool sweater from Target

    I'm not a cardigan man, but they would work for a slim guy.



      This thread interests me, since we have essentially identical measurements.



        The Bonobos cotton "tipping point" vneck sweaters have a great slim fit.

        I'm 5'10" 165lbs. athletic trim build. i have them in small. one of the better fitting sweaters out there. beats out the famous around these boards BR merino sweater(have a few of those as well).

        slim around the arms and body.

        I have a referral code if you want one.



          I think the GAP factory v-neck sweaters work great for slim guys. They are under twenty dollars during sales and works on my frame in medium: 5'10 150lbs 39 chest 29 waist



            @risingstars. I also have a slim and tall build. (5'11", 38" chest, 29" waist).

            I have found that Express Merino wool sweaters are by far the best fit for my body. The smalls fit me extremely well, but I tend to size down to a XS as I perfer a very trim fit with my sweaters.

            They normally go for $70, but are consistently buy 1 get one 1/2 off. Wuth coupouns you can get two for about $70.



              People here are always worrying about slim-fit sweaters. Typically, you should just be able to size down. If your shoulders fit a medium, a small will probably stretch to fit you just fine. In my opinion, sweaters are the clothing item that work the best of anything when sizing down.

              I understand about the height thing, but I think most sweaters in small shouldn't be too short for you at 5 foot 11, unless you have a long torso or something in addition to being tall.



                @Big_Scooter : I'm a X-Small. Now, try sizing down. I usually go with Gap cotton v-neck sweaters. They fit decently. Still looking for an affordable Merino wool option.

                While we're in the subject of sweaters, at 5'6", sweater sleeves are always too long. What am I supposed to do with them ?



                  A suggestion, Jessy:

                  As for a practical answer - any way you can spot-shrink them? If you're wearing the sweater over a shirt you can always fold the cuff back and fold back the sweater sleeve underneath it? Not sure how Dappered/personal-style friendly that is. Never thought of how hard it could be to buy sweaters if I was a few inches shorter, I'm sorry you have that problem with the sleeves!



                    @ Big_Scooter - like Jessy says, not everyone has the option to size down. I'm not even an XS, just a S, and I'm already wearing the smallest available size from most makers. I'm also not tall, but have found that sizing down to an XS (when it's even an option) can really make things too short, particularly in terms of body length.

                    As far as sweaters go, I've also found that sizing down might not help - the shoulders and chest in a S usually fit me pretty well, but I find there is quite a lot of billowing and excess material in the back and stomach area. Sizing down might make the midsection more fitted, but it would probably be too tight elsewhere.

                    Anyway I'm afraid I don't have any useful advice for you sweater-seekers. I am warm-bodied and find sweaters uncomfortable, so I rarely wear them. I would rather wear a jacket.




                      I love sweaters and would wear them casually all the time if i could. I live in SF and they are perfect for the cold windy summers we have. The main problem is the length of sweaters. Usually a medium fits my chest and arms perfectly. But being nearly 6' tall with a 30" inseam means I have a very long torso. Most sweaters a medium and below sit just below my belly button. I ordered the bonobos tipping point v-neck and i'll see how that goes.

                      @somantic i'm really surprised a small fits you. I usually size up on my express slim fit clothing.