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Softest, most comfortable shoe you've tried?

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    Meermin's soft calf leather shoes are awfully comfortable. It's night and day for me, as I find their leather and insoles to be unbearably stiff.


      Not sure if you're looking for shoes that you would only wear with shorts. If you're going to wear trousers, I wore my Astorflex Greenflex chukkas all around London last summer (and I walked A LOT) and was super impressed with their comfort and durability.

      Aaaaand the good barrister beat me to it.


        Yeah I gotta ring the Allbirds bell once more. I wasn't sure how they would be and if I'd actually like the look but after having them now for almost a year, they've held up quite well, survived 4 all day theme parks, and are my go to for casual comfort. I love them and I'm a big fan.

        On dress shoes, Allen Edmonds Neumoks have been awesome. 6+yrs and running.


          Originally posted by Geo View Post
          Sperry gold cup boat shoes were really comfortable from the get go..

          100% agree! the lining the come with and the memory foam is SUPER SUPER comfortable, instantly. it doesn't last phenominally long, but them neither does a boat shoe in general so who even cares :-D


            Thanks for all the great feedback! I ended up trying out two different pairs of Allbirds. They really are quite comfortable, but stylistically they just didn't work for me (or, rather, they just didn't fit with my current wardrobe), so I am returning them.

            At this point, I'm trying out a pair of Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66s, which I've also been curious about for a long time. I'll probably follow that up at some point with another pair of suede loafers or drivers.