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Trip to London - Recommendations?

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    Trip to London - Recommendations?

    Hello all, I have a first time trip to London planned and a post by armedferret made me wonder? Should I plan for some clothing stops as well? I thought of trying by Charles Tyrwhitt just because they're a staple on here and I've yet to try them.

    I realize that's not close to scratching the surface of London's finest. I plan to walk Savile Row but I am expecting most of the shops to be more than I care to spend on clothing, with all due respect to their quality and history.

    All that said, I'm open to what the group has to offer.

    Thank you in advance

    I just went to London last summer for the first time and I specifically went with the intention to buy clothes. My standard disclaimer is this: you can get most, if not all, of the stuff I bought online, but nothing beats trying stuff on to make sure it fits:

    Harvie and Hudson - shirts are good (not great). I also got a nice forest green tweed sportcoat there.

    There are quite a few Barker and Loake stores around. It's worth it to go in there and handle the product and try before/if you buy.

    Some of the stores on Savile Row also have RTW stores. I can't remember which ones, but Google/StyleForum can probably help.

    All of the shirt stores on Jermyn Street are open - meaning you don't need an appointment like you do in the bespoke shops on Savile Row. Still, it's neat to walk the Row and see the tailors cutting and sewing suits.

    Brick Lane - vintage clothing as far as the eye can see. Great deals on used Barbour, Aquascutum, Burberry, Baracuta, etc.


      Huntsman has a RTW and a MTM line as well as the full bespoke lineup. Most--if not all--of the bespoke houses on Savile (and that includes Anderson although they're technically not physically on the Row itself anymore) have a "general haberdashery" included in the shop so you're still welcome to stop in, say hello, pick up a tie or pair of cufflinks or pocket square etc.; it's suit measuring/fitting that requires appointments.

      Tyrwhitt, eh, you can stop by but honestly i've never seen anything in the DC store "on sale" it's all at the full price which is just silly to pay for the shirts. They're great at sale pricing, but for full price you could hit up Alton Lane and be a lot happier with the end result.

      Most of my time will be spent getting sized (i have narrow feets so "just drop half a size" or "just drop a full size" doesn't always work for me when going to UK sizing for shoes) at Gaziano, Crockett & Jones, and a few others, so that when I want to order, I don't have to hem and haw or go try to find a place that stocks a couple odd sizes or whatever. I've also recently learned about a bit of a windfall (though how long it will last is anyone's guess) in the form of a monthly tax-free stipend sizeable enough to buy a pair of AE shell shoes--every month--which will be getting put aside to start up a fund for a suit from either Poole or Anderson & Sheppard (leaning toward the former as they do more trunk shows and logistically it fits better with my life for the next few years anyway). I'll be using the trip in July to stop in, introduce myself, and do a bit of ingratiating myself so that when the time comes to set an appointment, they maybe remember me a little bit and already know what I look like generally, what I'm looking for, and that relationship has already started being cultivated. If nothing else, it's worth stopping by just to get a feel for the crew, and what their goods look/feel like in person. The internet can only convey so much at the end of the day.


        I was just there in January and had an awesome time. Where are you staying?

        I asked a similar question in this thread

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          Thank you guys for the information! Lots of good stuff.

          I had no idea about Brick Lane and would love a Barracuta or Barbour if that were to work out.

          I'll be in the Marlyebone area.




            Joolz has a vidya about it.



              Have a walk down Jermyn Street and stop in the arcades, especially Burlington Arcade. Whenever I travel oversees I get a small accessory, like a pocket square or as a tie, as a memento.


                Definitely plan for some clothing stops and leave room in the suitcase. I got an amazing barbour vest, and planned on getting some fred perry polos but my trip was cut short. Sure, you can get their clothes here in the states, but it makes for such a nice souvenir. Whenever I put on my vest it feels a little extra special because I got it from the source.

                Harrods was something to behold too.