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Pushing your Style Boundaries - What is your most adventurous outfit?

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    Not super exciting but mine is a forest green Lands End medium wale corduroy sport coat. It's of 1980s vintage with wide lapels that has "wrapped around" style wise.


      Originally posted by Ito View Post
      I've been meaning to start doing that with a jacket for shows. Surprised to see someone here who likes Windhand, since stoner doom is probably out of the musical tastes of most people that are "dappered," but I give a "Hell yeah!" to you good sir!
      I dig on doom too, theres more punk/metalheads than youd expect on here.

      Originally posted by smitty View Post
      I have a pair of light pink jeans that I wear in the summer. I typically combine it with a navy polo and white minimal sneakers.
      Where did you get them? I am interested.


        Originally posted by whereismurder View Post

        Where did you get them? I am interested.
        I got them from JCrew. Unfortunately they do not have them listed on their website now. I bought them last summer.


          Originally posted by DocDave View Post
          Cool thread/idea.

          For me, the most adventurous outfit I worse was searsucker suit.

          I only wore the suit a couple of times and for one season. I was always very uncomfortable in the suit. I mean the suit fit me fine. No problems there. The suit/style just wasn't for me. Which is odd to say, as I received a couple of compliments from strangers while wearing the suit. Either because the suit was so unique, or because I did look good in it!

          Recently in the cooler months of the year I have started to wear a turtleneck. For some this might not be an adventurous outfit. And the more I wear a turtleneck, the less adventurous the look is. At first though, definitely a new look for me.
          The seersucker is both old school and out there. Something about those closely spaced lines that triggers the brain. Are you the guy in the pic


            [MENTION=21218]drchak[/MENTION] Alas no. That is not me in the photo. But the photo does a good job of representing the suit I wore. Down by the waterfront, he seems able to pull it off. In the boardroom downtown, I wasn't able to do it.