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What to wear with this Waist Coat

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    What to wear with this Waist Coat

    My wife really likes the looks of a waist coat and for Father's Day she ordered me this one from CT.'s-suits/suit-vests/Dark-charcoal-flannel-suit-waistcoat?q=usddefault||EF006CHA|||||||||||||

    I really like it but my question is; whjat to wear it with? Can I go casual with a pair of jeans? What about dress pants; what color(s). And finally what about shirts?

    Thanks in advance guys.


    Shirt wise you're pretty much open to any long sleeve button up shirt.

    You can definitely dress it down the jeans. The only thing you should stay away from are dress pants that make it look like it's almost part of a suit, but not quite.

    Dress for style, live for results.



      I would go with jeans, I guess. I would hesitate to pair it with dress pants because it could appear that you're mismatching the outfit and don't have the suit coat. It might also work with a khaki color ( with dress shoes.

      Sorry, I have a hard time picturing these things and do better just trying tons of combos in the mirror.



        The lapels and the flannel make it a relatively casual waistcoat, so I wouldn't necessarily wear it with worsted wool trousers. You would be fine with jeans and contrasting chinos. You could do a winter-weight wool trouser, as well, as long as it's in a contrasting color. Light grey would be the most obvious choice. My feeling on waistcoats is that you can generally apply the same rules as with sportcoats - you should match the weight of material to your pants (heavy denim, cotton chinos, flannel wool pants, etc.), but wear a contrasting color so that it doesn't look like a mismatched suit.




          And leave the bottom button undone.



            The waistcoat came in and it is very nice and fits like a glove. This is a fun piece of attire and I think I will get a lot of use out of it. See my black tie thread where I mention that the color is an exact match for the J.Crew Factory Thompson Suit. I now have a 3 piece suit of sorts.

            Here's another question. The back of the waistcoat is teal; think Seattle Mariners color. Can you guys help me find a black bowtie with either teal polka dots or teal stripes?



              @bremersm : How would you describe the fit of the vest? I was interested in getting one myself but one of the reviews said it is a bit fuller than he would like in terms of fit, which makes me hesitant. But on the other hand, it is a British brand, and from my experience with Ben Sherman and Topman, British brands generally have a slimmer fit than American brands and sometimes have too slim of a fit like in the case of Topman.