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Best bargain chino's and henley's?

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    Best bargain chino's and henley's?

    I need some new chinos, badly. I have a pair of the BR Emerson fit. If they were 1/2" wider in the thighs and not so short in length they would be great. However, I am seeing if there are other options out there which may be cheaper and give me what I'm looking for. I would like something I can wear to a business casual office as well as casually. Also, some opinions on affordable henley's would be great. I live in the south and don't feel like continuing to wear t-shirts as much as I do. Thanks guys


    I've been getting all my chinos lately from Land's End, regular or Canvas. Sales can be great, and quality is good.

    I've also done Dockers (which I used to think was only for dorky dads), and if you want slim fit there are some good options, and the price can be good, as well.



      I just ordered a Henley(first one just to try them out) from Jcrew during their sale, think it was $25.



        @Rodney, tailored or traditional fit?



          The 2 pairs of $3.50 chinos from LEC were a pretty high bang for the buck pair recently



            @zero, you have to explain that one haha



              @zerostyle +1

              I *love* my LE Tailored fit original chinos. The LEC refind slim fit are good, but they are almost too slim. Also, since the leg opening is smaller, they feel/look longer than a straight-leg pant with the same inseam.



                @Dangle: , but the deal is over



                  I like my H&M Henleys. I can't bring myself to spend that much on a fancy t-shirt. They have stood up to sporty stuff like cycling as well as casual wear and have a good fit. Sizes go all the way down to XS and prices range from $8-$15 depending on the material/pattern. My only problem is that I wear a small and finding those in store is hit or miss.



                    Try Target. Quality isn't stellar, but hard to beat for the price. They've got some henleys through their Converse One Star line, too. Bought a couple earlier this spring and they've become my casual shirt of choice for weekends and after work.




                      I wish I could get LEC chinos to work. Their pants sizing is wildly inconsistent for me. I'm anywhere from a 32-34 waist and 30-34 inseam with their pants.



                        Target Merona are decent for a good price.

                        You can get Dockers at Kohls for super cheap when they run a 30/20/15% sale about once a month.

                        Dress for style, live for results.



                          I got 2 pairs of Merona Tailored fitted pants from Target for $8 each on the clearance rack. Im going to tailor them to the perfect length which might set me back another $20 but you can't beat the price. I could've gotten 11 pairs of these for 1 pair of bonobos pants.



                            If you on a budget, Target is probably your best bet.

                            Both the merona and mossimo brands are almost interchangeable, in my opinion.


                            Some of the newer pieces that have been released have provided fairly good off the rack fit. They usually have a good variety of colors as well; which is a plus.

                            As others can attest to, the clearance rack in a target stores can produce awesome finds. Keep on the look at for those little red stickers with "CLEARANCE" written on them!

                            I personally purchase my henleys from target and my chinos/khakis from Dockers,LEC, JCrew, BR/ Gap. A lot of these retailers will often put out promotions or discounts. Sometimes its just a waiting game.

                            Another alternative is to possible visit a local outlet that has a banana republic or jcrew factory store.

                            Let us know what you decide!



                              As for Land's End, I usually go Tailored/Slim but as with everything, if you find a deal, get it, try it, and take it back to Sears if you don't like it. I've paid less than $20 a piece for everything I have from them.