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button recommendation - navy blazer

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    button recommendation - navy blazer

    Hey crew,

    This blazer I thrifted currently has gold buttons, but I'm looking to tone it down and looking for button recommendations and places to order them from.

    - when i took it to the cleaners they ended up losing a button on the sleeve

    I'm thinking silver or brass buttons would be nice?

    Any input would be appreciated


    Silver and brass probably wouldn't tone it down...they would just be another color. Brown buttons would have the effect you're looking for. Black buttons would make it look like an orphaned suit coat.



      Brass buttons don't have to be shiny polished brass. Dull brass, or even bronze, can look nice on a navy blazer, while being much more subtle than gold.



        The BB Fitzgerald blazer I just picked up has pewter buttons. They are kind of a dull silver. I don't mind them too much (like them WAY better than brass), but am still considering switching them out for brown horn.



          Pewter or brown is best IMO. I don't like the shiny look, makes it seem like I'm wearing something for an older gentleman in a different place..



            I like a nice set of horn buttons on a navy blazer, personally. Less nautical than either pewter or brass, but they still have enough contrast that it won't look like an orphaned suit jacket.




              zerostyle: Lemme know if you get rid of the pewter buttons. I'm looking to replace these awful plastic ones on my Bonobos blazer.



                thanks for the suggestions guys.

                - I like the idea of pewter & horn buttons

                - anyone know a good place online to look for either of these buttons?



                  Amazon... eBay...

                  I'm trying to find a set of brass buttons for my 3 yo's double breasted blazer. The large buttons are the size of most sleeve buttons, and the sleeve buttons are even smaller. JC pointed me towards a place that sells them, but they would be hundreds of dollars.



                    Shouldn't a local tailor have some lying around?



                      If you don't want to stand out I would definitely also recommend either:

                      -not so polished metal(pewter, brass, copper etc..)

                      -or horn buttons in "earthy" tones(dark tan, brown etc..)

                      hope that helps!

                      Let us know how the alterations go! Pictures are always nice too!

                      btw nice thrift! The blazer looks likes a keeper.



                        @nich - wow so your buttons are not the standard size buttons then?

                        @surprise - thx, I really like the pewter idea

                        - i'll definitely post pics after I find buttons & get it altered a bit

                        what do you guys think of these?






                          The buttons are for my little boy's blazer, so they're pretty tiny. =)



                            Those all look good. Just a matter of personal preference.



                              haha nice! I was at target a few days ago

                              and I picked up a little blazer for my son

                              since it was on clearance