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Gap's Original Fit/General Fit Preferences

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    Gap's Original Fit/General Fit Preferences

    I made this thread with a specific question in mind, but I think it could also serve as maybe a place to discuss your personal preferences for various straight/slim cuts of pants!

    I have a hard time finding pants, for the same reasons some of the guys here mention (more muscular thighs, mostly). I've tried Alphas, the 514s people swear by (do some of these fit differently than others?), Dockers' D1, Bonobos straight (but not slim, yet), etc., and none of them have looked good at all on me. Not to say I've tried everything, but I've tried a lot! So far, my go-to pair of denim is the a pair of Gap original fit jeans in resin rinse. I don't think they look so great on the model, but they fit exactly how I want them to, taper just enough at the leg opening, etc. Does anyone know of a fit like these? For whatever reason, they make exactly one pair in this fit and nothing else. It's beyond frustrating!

    My other regular rotation pants are a couple pairs of khaki in navy and deep tan from H&M that are cheap and thin, but fit great, a couple pairs of Calvin Klein sateen pants in gray and black from Macy's that have a bit of shine to them (not good), but also fit wonderfully, and a pair of olive LEC vintage fit chinos. I'd really like to expand my pants selection, especially to include more denim, but 90% of the pants I try on are no good! If anyone knows of a fit from Levi's, or anyone, that's similar to Gap's original fit, I'm all ears. At this point even $100 for a pair of well-fitting jeans doesn't make me bristle.

    So what do you guys tend to prefer? I know many of us have different builds/tastes, but I'd like to get a feel for various fits and why people like them.


    What is your waist and thigh size? I have really found the 514s to work despite not having luck with most of the pants you listed. I like Bonobos slim fit. Gap straight fit is nice through the thigh and leg but not great through the seat and the waist stretches. LEC pants fit pretty well, but can be quite slim.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      I have same problem of big thighs small waist due to Crossfit. At first the 514s were tight around the thighs (31 waist) but they will stretch out after a couple of weeks.



        "none of them have looked good at all on me"

        Is it the thigh thing, or something else?

        Re: Levi's...

        I have a pair of 514s but I don't wear them until the winter rolls around and I have to get them over a pair of boots - leg opening is too large for me otherwise. 511s fit me like 514s seem to fit everyone else. I wore the heck out of 513s for years and they always served me well; slim but not constricting. I'm a toothpick but I tried on a pair of 510s and could not even fit into them.

        Tried on a pair of 508s that I really liked the other day, which have the right leg opening for me but are a little more relaxed in the thigh. Nothing in my waist size, however. 501 STF true to size maybe?

        I have two pairs of H&M jeans but I find their sizing so inconsistent that I don't rely on it much. I have the chinos/trousers/etc. from them and they fit me wonderfully but are also lint magnets and poor fabric (what else can be expected for so cheap?).



          In regards to the Levi's, try various sizing options (I mean waist/leg measurements, not the various styles). I wear 514's and 511's, and the sizing is all over the place. I have several pairs of 514's that fit me quite snug (which is what I like), yet several pairs are a bit looser (not in a baggy sense, but more room in the's OK with a belt but I've relegated these jeans to backup/casual attire). With my 511's, I have one pair of 33x32 that fit perfectly (most of my jeans are 33x32), and another that is a 32x32 that fit just as perfectly.

          With GAP, I wear 32x32, and find that the straight fit is nice and snug without having to go for the skinny fit. Just enough room to be comfortable and look right.



            @zack I agree w/ your comment on the 514 sizing. I have thick thighs (25")

            - definitely sizing is all over the place, usually wear a 32/32 or 33/32. I have 2 brand new pairs of 514's that I have been wearing around the house to break in. the leg opening on them measure 8.5" so I want to taper them to 7.5"

            - my only concern about getting them tapered is where the tapering should start due to the possibility of bunching at the knee where the tapering starts. Should the tapering start right above the knee or at the knee?

            - when bringing a pair in for tapering, what do you usually tell your tailor?



              I'm in the market for a pair of mid-gray, wool, 4-season dress pants with that slim/modern fit. Any suggestions from this great board?



                LE year'rounders - the rise is slightly higher though. Check out the recent thread on grey wool pants for more info.



                  My waist size is 34, though realistically it's probably closer to a 35. A lot of my issues are in the thigh, but I also have problems with leg openings being too wide for my taste in shoes (smaller). Gap's straight fits are anything but, in my experience. People's idea of straight legs are strange; when I tried them on, they were practically boot cuts. The original fit seems to have a fairly believable straight leg, but when reading their description of fits, it lists it as slightly tapered. I was in a BR the other day and tried on their Emerson/vintage straight fit chinos/jeans (their slimmest fit in both) and found both to be abnormally wide in the leg opening. I could have them tapered, but for the price, you really want them to fit alright off the rack.

                  I'll give the 513s a shot, if I can find a pair in stores. Thanks for the advice!



                    Followup: got my hands on a pair of 513s that fit pretty great! Somehow, felt a little less tight in the thighs, but more tapered below the knee with a smaller leg opening. Very similar to my Gap original fits!



                      They're pretty tapered! Why do you like them over the 514s? Just curious...I have Levis from 511 to 514 to 501.



                        Well, mostly it's a combination of having a bit more room in the thighs (as in, looking like it fits rather than being tight), and the taper. They've got about an inch and a half less in the leg opening and I find it much, much more workable for the shoes I wear. I do a lot of boots, a lot of oxfords, and a handful of small sneakers like Converse/Purcells/Flyers/etc. I've found that a lot of straight legs, though they claim to be straight (and maybe they are), on my build end up looking like they flare out from the knee down and the way they fall around my shoes makes them look like bootcuts and covers up half or more of my boots! I don't really like this look, as it just makes me look like I'm wearing cowboy boots or am a dad or something. If you don't find straight leg jeans like 514s often look more like bootcuts on you, it's probably not an issue. Judging from my response to Gap's line of denim washed khakis and seeing Joe's response to their taper, I suspect I like a bit of taper more than most. Though, I've seen you in Alpha Khakis, haven't I? Same deal there, although those taper too much for me.



                          Wore my red Dockers Alphas all day today. =)



                            Glad you found something that works.