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Style Scenario: How to do Athleisure, and not look sloppy

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    Originally posted by JohnR View Post
    If there's anything I can predict about traveling it's that I won't be able to predict the temperature in the plane. It might be hot and humid on the tarmac and ice cold in the air. Sometimes, it's the inverse of that. Or, sometimes it's hot the entire time, sometimes not. It is annoying. So I wear lightweight layers to accommodate and, as mentioned earlier, they're all quite elastic. But they always look fairly dressed up. Perhaps it's Rhone Commuter pants with a Lululemon button down and a lightweight vest or something along those lines. I can't do jeans on an airplane - I feel horribly constricted.

    Anyway... I've hijacked this thread enough with my grumpy traveler gripes.
    Jeans constricting? I mean, maybe selvedge that hasn't been broken in. But any well worn pair of jeans? Or any pair of halfway decent stretch jeans, even if brand new? I cannot say I agree.

    I suggest trying some decent stretch jeans if you have not. They're game changing. A pair of BR stretch jeans in the proper size and fit for you borders on pajama level of comfort, while looking to the outside world like a normal, well fitting, pair of jeans.


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      True and good point. In fact, I used to travel in stretch jeans for a year or so and it was alright. While I probably moved away from them primarily for look/style reasons, I really do prefer the lighter weight and stretchy fabrics from Lulu, Rhone, etc... The stretch jeans were certainly ok but I still feel more constricted in them than I do in my current travel pants.