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    Washington DC Tailor

    Hey Everyone,

    Just checking to see if anyone knew of a good tailor in DC for tailoring shirts. I was hoping to have the sides taken in, sleeves narrowed and shorted. Hoping for it to not get above $30. All suggestions appreciated.


    Let me know if you find a good basic tailor.

    I like Baytok in Georgetown for bigger tasks, but haven't been too happy with the others I've used.

    Suh's in Old Town - don't bother, he doesn't listen to you and is expensive

    Luis in Old Town - very friendly and good prices, but takes a looong time to get stuff done. Also sometimes hit and miss with adjustments.

    Blue Orchid Cleaners in Arlington - used them to just shorten sleeves on a tweed blazer and was charged near $40. Seemed awfully high, but they did a good job.



      I have used London Tailor in Bethesda. Not cheap but not unreasonable and do a nice job. With all these DC area Dapper readers, we should do a Dappered whiskey drinking meetup...

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        If you are closer to the city, I go to Stephen the Tailor in Foggy Bottom and have had pretty good results so far. The nice thing about Stephen is even if the fit is a bit off when you try it on, he'll alter it to your specifications for free. It's $30 to get the sleeves and sides done, I believe.

        +1 for whiskey!



          Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I will give stephen a call, since foggy bottom is by work.

          @zerostyle, sadly Baytok and the ones in Old Town are a bit too far away to really be worth trying for me, thank you though.

          I will also call London Tailor in Bethesda, I occasionally am in that area so may not be too inconvenient if affordable.

          And whiskey always sounds good...



            I'm in for Whiskey. Though, I'd probably be the worst dressed person there, if it was all dappered folks.

            While we've got the DC folks together...anyone know when the CTshirts store opens up? I know they are opening one in DC, but I haven't seen anything about when.



              I'd be happy to plan an outing. I think we could get a nice sized group together. I'll start a thread on it later this week.

              I'm not sure about CTshirts but I did hear that SuitSupply officially signed a lease in Georgetown.

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                LOL - might be fun but pretty sure I'd end up being the worst dressed person there.

                When the hell is Uniqlo getting here?



                  Excited to hear that suitsupply is opening up here; CTshirts opened up a few weeks back in Farragut West on Connecticut Ave.



                    Hey, I would be interested in a gathering. Looking forward to the coming thread.



                      I can't wait to stroll and visit CTShirts and SuitSupply. Hopefully this will make ordering online alot more easier. I wonder how they will incorporate in store fitting with ordering online? Can we go in and get measured then place our custom orders? I assume that returns and exchanges will be easier with an actual store.

                      I'm also located in the DMV(DC Maryland Virginia) area however more on the MD side. Does anybody recommend an affordable(we are all on this site for a reason)/reasonable tailor in the MD area? Montgomery county area?

                      I am possibly looking for a new "go-to" tailor. i.e. basic suit/blazer alterations, shirt slimming, pants hemmings etc...



                        Another DC guy here. Would definitely be interested in a meetup. For a tailor I'd throw my hat into the ring for VIP Tailor right outside Metro Center. Fair prices and he really seems to "get it"

                        Dress for style, live for results.



                          @surprisinglyminty - I'm on the MD side of the district too. I've heard good things about "Hector's" on 355 by Congressional Plaza, off of 355, but I haven't tried them yet.



                            Any of you guys have any luck thrifting in the DC area? I've gone a dozen times to random places and keep coming up empty.


                              Bumping this thread up. I'm looking for a good tailor in the Gaithersburg/Rockville or Columbia area. Any suggestions? I need to get some jackets altered and pants hemmed and taken in.