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Need a classy but semi-casual bag

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    Need a classy but semi-casual bag

    Hi all,

    I'm working as a teacher's assistant in the fall, and I'm looking for a bag that will suit the job based on what I've seen. I also want something that's casual enough to use outside of work.

    So far, these Jcrew bags are the only things I've found that really pique my interest, but I haven't read phenomenal things about them.

    Anyone have any other suggestions? I probably wouldn't want to spend more than $100-$150



    Everlane is supposed to be releasing a pretty cool looknig bag next week. No word on the dimensions, but it looks pretty sweet, and as with all their stuff it will be under $100.

    It is free to join:



      This is a bit above $150 but it is SEXY and made in America which rocks. I have been thinking of getting this bag for a while.



        Those are both really nice (and I LOVE everlane), but I think I'm looking for more a messenger bag than a duffel.



          Doh. Sorry about that.



            MYHABIT has the Ben Minkoff Nikki messenger bag for a nice discount: ale=AM64A0DAW5QM7&asin=B006M0PSUO&cAsin=B006M0PSUO &ref=qd_b_t_d_6

            Thinking about buying it for school myself.



              I have the regular Jcrew version but for the price, the factory version looks attractive: ~~~~~~/54056.jsp

              also this:



                Thanks! Still leaning towards the Jcrew bags for now I think



                  Just got the Ben Minkoff bag today, and while it looks nice, it's just way too small for my needs. One back and two binders were too much for it to hold and still close.

                  I'm looking for a bag for school. I'm going to have two-three classes a day, which means two-three books and at least one notebook. So I need a really big bag. I can't seem to find any bags besides duffels that are big enough. Suggestions?