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How to tighten a ribbon belt

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    How to tighten a ribbon belt

    I bought a ribbon belt from Brooks Brothers during their sale. I needed a casual belt and $19 was hard to pass up. My question is how do you tighten it so it stays tight around your waist?


    I'm assuming your ribbon belt is the same as any other D ring. You pass the belt itself through both of the D rings, then turn it around and pass it again through just one of them. Like so:

    Pull on the spare end of the belt to tighten. Friction of the belt against itself and tension of the D rings together should keep the belt from loosening itself, though a D ring is more likely to loosen slightly over time than an ordinary buckle closure belt, especially if the belt material is not textured in some way. I have a couple "silk tie" belts and I've never had an issue of them loosening on me.

    If you're tightening the belt that way and it's still coming loose, then I would say the belt is probably too thin and too "slippery." Even at $19 it may not be worth keeping.