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AE Higgins Mill Sizing Help?

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    AE Higgins Mill Sizing Help?

    Hi gents!

    First time poster, long time lurker here.

    I'm in Australia, so it's not a simple process sending items back. Hoping to get it right the first time. Especially since i'm also buying firsts quality in the holiday sale they have going on right now.

    I'm US 10 in most sneakers. I also don't have access to a Brannock device around where I live. The only boots I have for sizing reference is Clarks Dessert Boots, that are a US 9 and they fit close to perfect (maybe just a hair tight width wise, but have never given me blisters). I'm thinking a 9D in the Higgins Mills would be about right, as from what I've read they run slightly larger width wise.

    But hoping for some opinions before I order. Thanks!

    What size dress shoe do you wear? I got the same size as my AE dress shoes, and even though its a good fit, I would agree they run a little roomy on the width. I could have gotten a better fit with D instead of E, but it really wasn't an issue.
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      I can't know what you would regard as a good fit, but I'm an 11 everywhere and my HM are both 11D and I like the fit very much.

      My 5th avenues and other AE shoes are 11D and they fit me fine as well.

      A lot of this will come down to how picky you are about fit.

      If you cannot try them on, and you cannot return them, go over not under, but be prepared for it not to be a perfect fit.


        10.5D in every shoe, AE, Meermin, Nike, etc

        10.5D HM fit perfect. A little roomier than my Daltons (also 10.5D)


          you should figure out your width and everything. not worth buying nice shoes if they don't fit you well. They'll just be uncomfortAble and you'll regret buying them for $450 or whatever they were.

          I have very wide feet and I spent a long time thinking i never could run or walk very comfortably for most of my life, or have shoes that wouldn't get worn out wierd and thrown away fast. After i got a few pairs of wide shoes and it basically a totally different life. AE shoes have been the best fitting shoes i've ever had, and it's because I really followed the brannock device measurements more than sized i've had in some other random unrelated shoe some one time.

          Especially since AE sizing is generally so close to it, the branock sizing is very very important for your fitting their shoes. You could buy one online for $50 USD but there are probably other options you might need to consider.

          maybe you can find a website with some kind of print out size and width chart?


            If you're a US 9 in Clark's Desert boots, definitely DO NOT buy anything AE in a size 9.

            AE fits fairly spot on to Brannock. Clark's desert boots fit at least a half size large and a full-size wide.

            Sneaker size is worthless, as sneaker companies have apparently never heard of standard sizing.

            For comparison, I'm a 10E in some AE lasts, a 10D in some AE lasts, fit spot on a 10D on a brannock, wear a 9.5D in Clark's desert boots, and am all over the place for sneakers.

            Do yourself a favor and just buy a US brannock device on Amazon. They are not expensive.


              To add to this thread Vs. A new one, help me with sizing too, please. I'm a 11d on the brannock. I wear 12.5 in most athletic shoes and wear a 11D in most AE. My 1st Ave boots are 11D and fit well. I'm leaning on trying an 11D from Ae, does this sound right?

              I can buy and return if need be but hate the exchange process via mail because of time. Thanks in advance.


                I typically wear a 10.5D (US) in Allen Edmonds. There happens to be an AE store near my office. I purchased a pair of Higgins Mills a couple of years ago in a 10.5D. They are roomy, but the 10D was a bit snug.


                  If I recall correctly, AE has a printable (2 pages) sizing guide that's pretty close to a brannock device. I bought a pair of AE's for a friend who was getting married, and the print out worked quite well for him. As far as general AE sizing, I agree with others that AE keeps things pretty tight to bannock sizing. I measure 11b, with an arch of 11.5b and both sizes fit me pretty well. If I'm a bit heavier, I tend towards the 11.5, but for my Higgins Mill's I went 11b, and they've been a fantastic fit/traveling companion.