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Post some clothing items you highly recommend

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  • Post some clothing items you highly recommend

    These are worth full price, yet are usually on sale (currently 50% off). Super soft, very warm (I have sweaters less warm). Only potential issue is the fit is a weird one for JCrew. It's somewhere between their classic cut and their slim cut.


    Also worth full price, but currently $25. Looks great, crazy warm (warmest sweater type garment I have ever experienced). Very slim fitting (I'd say on par with the usual BR slim fit)

    Here: https://bananarepublicfactory.gapfac...=Marled+fleece

    Looks great, fairly warm, but the fit is totally misrepresented on their site. That's a true slim fit.


    Thought I'd share the love.

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    Did the site break my JCrew and BR links??


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      All the links work for me. I saw those at a j crew store and they looked better in person than online to me. I will come back later and post a few things too.

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        Far too many to list, really.

        For MTM suiting, Alton Lane and Black Lapel are favorites.


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          Something I consistently grab for in my closet is my S&M OCBDs. Since they offer a range of fits and sizes, I would recommend finding your perfect size, then size up one in the neck then slim down. Those ESF guys...well you can't take this advice but I'm sure it will likely work. The reason for this is that you can wash and dry them without worry of ruining you favorite wife killed 2 shirts before I started sizing up. The result is an OCBD that breaks in and wears amazing. They feel a lot better than even my older ones that are washed cold and hang dried. I know it is rougher on the clothes but at this is worth it.

          I would but these non-bundled, better at the bundled price, but perfect at bundled plus a discount for the rare times it happens but most of the time these sell out quicker and cannot be found for like 15-20% off.

          My suggestion is blue but other colors work. White is great but mine attract any hint of colored fuzz.


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            My criteria here is if I would buy the exact same thing again.

            Hamilton Field Khaki. This is a great do it all watch and can be found for a very reasonable price. Its one of the few watches I own that I might buy again if something happened to it. Can be found on the second hand market for around $250 often.

            J Crew Kenton Pacer boot. Catch this guy on sale and its a darn steal. Love mine.

            Gap Hoodie. Ha, yup, a hoodie. These on sale are a great value. They get included in 40% codes usually.

            I wont go into the J Crew tech shorts again. Plenty of my opinion in some other threads on those lol.


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              I love sweaters this time of the year and two of my favorite companies are John Henric and Grand Frank. I will admit I've gotten into turtlenecks in a big way over the past couple of years and these two companies make my all time favorites. The lower priced turtlenecks from John Henric are made from cotton and are extremely comfortable (they do not irritate my neck at all). A word of warning though that both of these companies are from Sweden are euro sized. As an example, a typical BR medium sweater is a bit big on me. The sweaters from either of these companies fits me like a dream. You may need to size up if you order from either company.


              Also, I totally love the footwear by Crown Northampton. Their stuff is pricey, but the quality of the materials and the fact that each pair of shoes is individually handmade makes it worth it. Also, they recently did a custom configuration for me (attached a different sole to a shoe than they had listed on their website). Great company, outstanding customer service.


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                Banana republic merino half zip sweaters.


                I have the pear green (like it much more than I thought I would), brown, and burgundy.


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                  Great looking shirt.


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                    The GAP shaker stich cotton cardigan.

                    Heavy, warm and frequently 30 -50 % off.



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                      Originally posted by mebejoseph View Post
                      Great looking shirt.
                      I recently picked up their Ivory cashmere blend henley. It's really nice and feels great.


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                        Things from the past year or so:
                        -Gap slim stretch cords
                        -Gap slim stretch flannel-lined chinos. I change into these after work pretty often
                        -Bonobos merino henleys. Great for tech company. Relaxed style but good fit and finish
                        -the new BR heritage denim is excellent for non denim heads. Super heavy. Rivets fell out on one pair but I think that was isolated quality issue (bad operator?)


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                          Target long sleeve henley T. Dirt cheap and the contoured hemline looks great untucked.


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                            Originally posted by smitty View Post
                            I recently picked up their Ivory cashmere blend henley. It's really nice and feels great.
                            That's the one that caught my eye as well.


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                              I believe another poster had some good criteria. What would you buy exactly the same if it broke today and needed it?

                              S&M suits over my SuSu ones.

                              Bonobos chinos. I was worried about fit given my distaste for pants that are too tight on the thighs. But these in the athletic fit are great. Expensive but great.

                              Cole Haan shoes. I’ve never dabbled in AE. The buying process, cost and leather soles (usually dissuade me). I’ve got years out of these shoes and they fit my budget. If I lost a pair I’d go buy more ASAP.