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JCrew Ludlow Essential Slim fit suit suit in stretch four-season wool*

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    JCrew Ludlow Essential Slim fit suit suit in stretch four-season wool*

    I have bought a bunch of JCrew Ludlow and JCrew Factory Thompson suits over the years and while both offer my size 34S, hands down the more expensive JCrew Ludlow suit with better build materials and better construction are better than the Factory. The Thompson worsted wool suits are not terrible since when I bought them years ago they were near 100% wool but they just had low quality lining which ripped/faded and the overall construction and softness of the wool wasn't Ludlow grade.

    So fast forward to Cyber Monday and I see that JCrew was having 50% their Ludlow "Essential" suits. With discount before shipping and tax a Ludlow Essential was $200, which to me seemed like a steal so I quickly bought two suits. After 2 hours it dawned on me that I never heard of Ludlow Essential Suits, so I went online to look up reviews and there is essentially zero reviews besides on JCrew's website. On their site one person mentioned the downgrade of material quality and when I looked at the product description it said Wool Poly Spandex blend. I live chatted with a rep and asked what was the amount of wool or Poly used and she had no clue so I asked to cancel but they said since the order was past an hour I could not cancel but they would waive my return shipping.

    So I get the suits the other day and tried on one just to see what it was like. If you took Ludlow construction and Ludlow lining but constructed it out of cheap 60% wool near 40% Poly with a hint of Spandex that would sum up Ludlow Essential stretch four season wool* suits. So compared to a Factory Thompson suit the Essential's construction and lining are a plus but oddly enough the 60/40 blend is a big downgrade even over the Thompson's 99% low quality wool.

    So my question to JCrew is why? Ludlow suits always were supposed to be quality suits at reasonable prices and while the Essential suits are reasonably priced especially when on sale, I believe they have no place in a regular JCrew store, heck even compared to a worsted wool Thompson the Essential feels a tad cheap. My advice is that JCrew includes their regular suiting in sales more often, and/or gets rid of the Essential line, or upgrade the Essential line to more basic 100% wool material. As is the Essential suit is a $428 option, not Ludlow prices but still a decent chunk of change where you can get a lot of good 100% wool suits for the same price if not cheaper

    Imo, you buy a jcrew suit for the fit. For the trimmer gentleman, the ludlow slim is the best thing out there in terms of fit. Lowered button stance, tails aren't chopped, lapels are slimmed but not overly so.

    Now, if you take a classic fit, jcrew suits in general can get f'ed, because spier and mackay is a better option.