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the huckberry flint and tinder Harrington jacket IS actually super nice

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    the huckberry flint and tinder Harrington jacket IS actually super nice

    it was on sale for like $156 or so, and i couldn't help myself.

    Ryan N 'reviewed' and promoted it for the contest here

    After receiving it, it's very evident that it is just super super super duper nice. The fabric is much nicer than even a real UK Baracuta harrington, It's super soft and makes the jacket awesome. as well the lining is super! it's a great jacket. It's cut a little slim, which was what I was looking for.

    The jacket is cut a lot like a DICKEY'S work jacket, it has button cuffs and kind of square shoulders. They're OK. theoretically i wish it has regular harrington jacket cuffs, but it's just fine for the money.

    Did i mention the fabric is nice? It feel like soft buttery jacket fabric. It's not thin or plasticy. It's nice tight woven cotton, and it feels absolutely superb. I recently bought a Brooks Brothers jacket that was supposed to be similar, and it evened up being more of a totally plastic feeling rain jacket than this one.

    The only thing that lets it down the least bit is the buttons are kind of boring. I'm going to get some upgrades, but it's just nearly perfect really. Great coat.

    It's going to be my new spring scooter commute jacket, since the button neck is still there. It's really great for keeping a little morning chill out of your body when going 30 mph, btw. Maybe it'll have to wait for a few months of winter to clear up, but i'll be loving it then.

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    The elastic cuffs and raglan shoulders on a traditional Harrington are the things that keep me from having one, so this is encouraging. I still would like to see more color choices, but still good to know, thanks.


      this jacket looks awesome!! im keeping my oye out for this!


        How warm? Just recently ordered this, and didn't feel it added enough warmth. Looked great, though!


          it's probably good to 40 deg. F, but it's not a winter jacket. it lacks any insulation.