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Rewards and cash back maximizing - How much of it do you do?

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    I do ebates/rakuten. Wife got me on it about 5 years ago. Lifetime cashback so far is over $900. Biggest I have ever gotten was $40 on tirerack for 4 tires.

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      Originally posted by mochi123 View Post
      I recently picked up a few stuff from BR, with 8% cash back with Ebates. Pretty neat, right?
      But then, I noticed that Gap is running 10% cash back. So I exited BR, went into Gap with BR items in the cart, and checked out with 10% cash back.

      The difference is just a couple dollars, but I felt like I wanted to maximize any cash back I am allowed to get if all I had to do was a couple extra taps on the phone.

      It made me wonder though, how much of rewards/cash back maximizing do you guys do when you shop?
      I don't. I'm just not excited about having so many credit cards, memberships, etc. I don't even wait for sale in general.


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        i just pick the cc that is best for me (which is currently the Amex Gold) and use that religiously. I will also look to see what Amex Offers are going on multiple times per month to see if a site / hotel / restaurant i would go to anyway is running a deal. Saved quite a bit of money this way.

        With that said, i dont use Rakuten or any of the others. Just stick with the trusty Amex.