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    Originally posted by idvsego View Post
    I dont have any experience with those but i had a leather weekender for a little bit. I just want to throw it out there that I enjoy my canvas weekender and duffel a lot more. Lighter, more flexible for cramming into an overhead, and stores way smaller when not in use. and they still look great to me. You can get one with some good leather accents too. The Jcrew abingdon is a decent example of what I am talking about. Filson has some great options if you want to go up a little in price/quality.

    Also, keep an eye on Gustin. I love this bag...

    and if this leather is like the briefcase, it should be a great bag...
    +1 for the Gustin recommendation. I've been waiting for their weekender in Nut Brown Dublin to roll around to match the Deluxe Briefcase I picked up from them. I'm also intrigued by that one you linked from Etsy...Looks like decent leather and a nice price. Similar design as the Hershel Duffel.


      I was looking recently for a leather weekender with a lower budget then yours.

      Couldn't find something decent in my price range and decided to go with a Filson canvas instead that was on sale for a great price.

      Then I changed my mind again and decided to go with the medium duffle from Tecovas. I wanted the small size as a carryon for smaller regional planes.

      Beautiful bag but the comments about the weight are very true. First time I used it I had a long walk to my connecting flight and the weight was uncomfortable.