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What do you wear under your wool sweaters?

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    With wool sweaters I always wear some long sleeved, collared shirt. I try to avoid them from touching skin in order to limit the need for laundering and also because some wools can be scratchy (e.g. Shetland wool sweaters).


      Originally posted by mark4 View Post
      Just curious what people wear under their wool sweaters? At work for me it's always a button up shirt with a collar (flannel, twill, OCBD, etc.) for any type of sweater other than a turtleneck. Off duty I will wear just a crew neck t shirt under crew neck sweaters, but won't wear a crewneck or V neck T under a V neck sweater - some people do this and it is not a fashion crime but IMO the point of the V neck is to show off the shirt (or shirt and tie) under the sweater - T shirts generally aren't "show off" worthy so I'm not personally a fan of the look. Ditto for cardigans, except if they're a light weight spring/summer fabric, in which case they look OK with a crew neck or v neck T - kind of it's still a little chilly but I'm nodding towards summer. The exception to this rule for cold weather is maybe for a chunky shawl collar cardigan...I think they can look OK with a T shirt in casual situations.

      Another option is a cotton turtleneck t shirt - this was a popular look in the 1980s into the early '90s (both under wool sweaters and under button up shirts). Not sure how people feel about it these days but as that era is having a moment maybe it has potential for the next few years.

      As for wool turtleneck sweaters, I usually wear a cotton turtleneck under them, primarily because wool, even soft merino, irritates the sensitive skin around my neck. Also because as my beard stubble comes in throughout the day, it starts snagging on the wool and causes a lot of pilling. So the cotton turtleneck protects the far more expensive wool sweater from pilling at the most highly visible spot. I generally try to more or less match the color of the underlying cotton turtleneck to the sweater I'm wearing over it so it doesn't stand out too much.

      Does anyone go commando under their wool sweaters? I almost never do unless they're built for tech wear (e.g. a smartwool base or mid layer designed specifically for activewear). Mostly I don't do this because I can wear my sweaters A LOT more between washing if I wear a layer underneath, and since hand washing wool sweaters is a chore, I want to get as many wears between washes as possible. Also knit lambswool, shetland wool, really anything other than merino or cashmere, itches me pretty badly when worn right next to the skin.
      If its a v neck is is always a button down.
      If its a crew neck, usually a long sleeve t shirt.


        I wear v-necks pretty regularly to the office. They always get a button-down collar shirt underneath, occasionally with a tie. I don't wear them casually.

        I'll wear a tee shirt under a zip- or button-neck sweater regardless of material, although I don't have too many of those.

        I almost always "go commando" under crewneck sweaters as mine are wool (cashmere or Merino). Same with the two turtleneck sweaters I own. I also have a few wool hoodies under which I wear nothing. Nothing! I do have one heavy lambswool crewneck that is itchy. I wear a button-down under that.

        Shawl collars usually get a tee shirt even though most of them look much better with a button-down shirt underneath.


          I go with Mr. Davis v-neck tees under my sweaters.


            most i wear crew neck under my sweaters
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