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Tie and Pocket Square combo for the Linen Suit from BR? Also Fit check, thanks!

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    Tie and Pocket Square combo for the Linen Suit from BR? Also Fit check, thanks!

    Going to a summer wedding this weekend and was thinking of a white shirt inside with either a blue or pink tie, but not sure. Let me know your thoughts on matching a pocket square and tie wit this shirt and suit.

    Also a quick fit check would be appreciated thanks!


    I like the idea of a pink tie with matching square

    Fit looks good!



      I would go with pastel tones of pink or blue.



        You know, that suit fits pretty darned well on you. Can you take a picture where at least one of your hands is at your side instead of in your pocket? That would let us check the sleeve length. I'd say that the jacket could be a touch longer, but nicholas and pitseleh would call me an old man. The pants need a bit of work, but you could get away with wearing them as they are.

        The shirt works well with the jacket. You have a good eye, and a messy room. Either pink or light blue would work well with that outfit.

        Looking good! One of the better fits on these forums.



          Consider a non-matching pocket square. Perhaps white or something that goes with a more subtle part of the tie.

          Sometimes the matchy-matchy can be a bit much. Just something to consider.



            That's off-the-rack fit? Not bad! From what we can see, hem the pants and you're probably fine. Wear the pants and THEN get them hemmed - linen wrinkles and will potentially bring up the pants.



              Thanks for all the input guys, and yes I need to tidy up my room a bit. I think ill go with a more subtle color/pattern for the square and a light toned pink or blue tie.

              The only shoes I have that would go with this are some brown Sperry wingtips. These here

     less-20&creative=395033&linkCode=asn&creativeASIN=B004G J4MGO

              Think this would tie the outfit together ok?



                How formal is the wedding? I think a pastel blue shirt/matching pocket square would also be an option, if the mood/weather make ties not required!



                  I like the idea of a white shirt with a pink or multi-stripe tie....just remember a "matching" pocket square does not match the main color of the matches the secondary color of the tie...big noob mistake, other wise...

                  Suit looks pretty darn good for OTR....



                    Depending on how formal the wedding is or how...adventurous you're feeling, you could do a light blue shirt with a pink tie or visa versa. Maybe a navy tie with pink stripes/dots.



                      I would go with something with a little more pop for the tie, since the suit is more of a washed/faded color.

                      Something like this:


                      with this for your pocket:




                        This shirt:

                        With a navy blue knit or grenadine grossa tie:$pdp_fs418$

                        With a baby pink PS:

                        If you have the time/money, have a good polisher shine these up:

                        And either go no-show socks, or a pair of dark blue socks.