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Nordstrom July Sale Item List

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    Nordstrom July Sale Item List

    Hey guys. I read some discussions in one of the articles where several members stated that they saw the list of items with prices for the Anniversary Sale in July. Does anyone know where I can find this list and if it's reliable? There were some conflicting prices from the members earlier.


    link to discussion?



      sorry not sure which one it is. but it was in the comments of one of the recent posts on the front page



        Comments at bottom.



          You wouldn't happen to live by a Nordstrom would you? Maybe one that you frequent regularly?

          If you did, you could just stop in and make conversation, "I wasn't happy with the shoe sales this time around. Any idea what might be on sale during the Anniversary sale next month? I had my eye on these particular Allen Edmonds..."



            The salespeople have the list and will readily share it with you.



              Anyone know if the list varies from store to store?





                McTavish (black, tan): $196.90

                LaSalle (black, chili): $199.90

                Parkway (brown): $219.90

                Strand (walnut): $219.90

                Park Avenue (black): $219.90

                Maxfield (black, chili): $169.90

                Don't ask me what the Parkway is



                  If you want to get the PAs in brown for that price just ask the salesperson. Also,

                  I worked it out so that the sales rep will just go ahead and process the sale for me as have it shipped to me on the 11th. Very convenient.



                    Hmm.... definitely grabbing a park avenue - just can't decide if I want it in black or brown.

                    Also tempted to grabbed the LaSalle in Chili, but not sure that $200 is really that great of a price for it.



                      Just curious, but how often do you guys wear black PA? I keep hearing about the PA being the basic black shoe to have for the most formal events (interview, funeral, black tie event), but personally I only attend any of these less than once a year, so even at $200, that feels wasted.



                        @mixto: I don't have a black PA but I do have a black AE Hale...I've had it for 4 months....still haven't worn it yet. Just no occasion for me to bring out the black balamorals



                          walnut strands for me. i changed my pre-order from black PA's since i will get much more use out of the strands, Im wicked excited. Best of all no sales tax in my state



                            Anyone have a belt recommendation to match the chili color? Not sure if a normal dark brown belt would work with it or not.



                              Also, anyone know when this sale actually starts?