kids always you! My God! I hope someone can help you! "Sit to the front desk, what she wanted to write, pen, violent shaking her hand, his mind was empty and not write anything out. In the window of the room, a big cock in a flutter of wings, the sky in the distance, as those reported ghostly white, it was light. Xiang Yi startled look out of the window, that is catching up with the more strongly, holding the pen, she hastily wrote a few lines on the paper skew: "all this has in the past, white frame sunglasses oakley pit bull gone without leaving any traces as. Although I have trouble to find, stream to be imbibed in tears! After all this is over, the rest is just cruel, terrible reality, and the sky over the full space of time but the bleak and Dim! "Finished, she put down the pen, leaning against the window, stood for. A gust of wind volume, deciduous tree first tablet to her window, the wind is cold, she took a cold shivers, smell the smell of autumn. Face unward skygazer, Xing Han points, blue moon MB, and dawn is oakley pit bull This new day, do not know who it belongs to? At least, no longer belongs to her. Kabun when waking up, at 10 o'clock in the morning, he is woken by the cries of the children, from the body, his hands put on a stern expression, also little misty is not clear. Really really small tip throat cry: "MOM! MOM! MOM! "Xiang Yi to go there? He had some impatiently shouted: "Xiang Yi! "No promises, real still cry, read read also joined, he jumped out of bed, the dispute does not exist already in his mind last night, he raised his voice to shout:" Xiang Yi! You were there? Hunan-"gave him mouth, because he sees the Xiang Yi.