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Groupon: 3 MTM shirts for $99

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    Groupon: 3 MTM shirts for $99

    The Reddit boards (Frugal Male Fashion, specifically) have been all aflutter about this the whole day; I'm surprised nobody mentioned it here! Technically belongs in the deals around the net thread, but seemed noteworthy enough to have its own topic.

    Link to the Groupon:

    Link to the website:

    Nobody's really heard of them, it's difficult to find information about them on the web, and it's unclear what the finished products are going to look like, but for the comically low price, the risk might be worth it. Someone over on Reddit mentioned being in NYC and intending to drop in on their B&M location and check the fit/quality out in person, so we'll see maybe! I'm not sure whether or not to bite, but I figure it'd be worth it to wait a day or so and see if any reviews or feedback pop up.

    Also note the gratuitous use of 'bespoke,' which I've seen people on here emphatically state is not the same at all as MTM - I could see that putting people off of the company.


    If the shirts look good and fit well at three for $99, they can call themselves Candyland Bespoke Suiting for all I care.



      Looks identical to the fit custom shirts site. I imagine that they would have the same materials, so far the royal oxford is a great material and any of the 2 ply egyptian samples I have are extremely soft, 1 ply is pretty meh although these guys offer 2 ply broadcloth.

      I did the order I think I will get the white end on end 2 ply...that should be soft and I guess 2 casual weekend shirts, assuming they will get the length right.

      Be very specific with measurements and I think you should be good. I wouldn't worry about ordering from them, they may not fit like a glove either, but if you have your measurements down from other MTM it should be good.