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DiazBags -- Custom Briefcase

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    DiazBags -- Custom Briefcase

    Hey Dappered Threaders. I ordered a custom briefcase from DiazBags on Etsy a few weeks ago and I thought that I'd share a few photos. It's already made a trip from Chicago to Texas, and from Texas to (undisclosed location).

    I communicated directly with Carlos, the owner of DiazBags, when placing my order. I was able to specify the dimensions, leather type, color, straps, strap length, shoulder strap, and color. He also created a laptop compartment in the briefcase to specifically fit my MacBook Pro.

    I don't know if Carlos would want me to disclose the price. I will say that the cost was far less than a comparable product by Saddleback, Copper River Bag Co., and etc.

    Here's a link to DiazBag's shop on Etsy:

    Here's a link to Carlos' Etsy profile where you can contact him:


    Is it full grain leather? Also, wherever (undisclosed location) is, it looks like a pretty pleasant place to be



      trash, The pictures above were taken on a Chicago highrise balcony. That's Lake Michigan in the background. (undisclosed location) is not a pleasant place!

      I don't know what grade the leather is. The leather has been tanned to create the interesting patina.

      Carlos sells a smaller version of this briefcase:




        I'm very interested in your customization. I have been looking at the same bag on Etsy in tan and wondered if you could answer a few questions for me.

        How soft is the leather? -This isn't a huge issue, I'm just curious.

        What are the dimensions on your customized bag? - I'm most interested in the depth of your bag as I'm considering adding some depth beyond the 3 inches that come standard.

        How has the bag held up? - I know you've had it for a few months.

        Any other tips or things I should know about the bag?

        Thanks for letting me bug you with this. I'm just starting as a teacher and want a cool bag that I can use to dress up or down and I think this is the one.



          cforsyth, The briefcase is made of very soft leather. It's not a rugged briefcase by any means. You will have to apply leather conditioner to maintain the softness, and probably a weatherproofing wax or oil to protect it from the elements.

          The dimensions of the briefcase are 16.75" x 12.5" x 5".

          The bag still looks new and I've been traveling with it for this entire time. Here's a photo of the briefcase on my summer house's porch that I just snapped with my iPhone:



            That's really beautiful.



              Thanks, bruschetta. I think I'm ordering mine this weekend. Carlos has been great to work with so far and your pictures have been very helpful. Any suggestions for additional customization before I place the order?



                I've been contemplating getting that exact bag, but in the standard medium size and light brown.

                Would you have any comments on the interior of the bag? Is it a thick canvas material? Pictures would be helpful also, thanks for the review.