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Wedding Attire for Groomsmen

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    Wedding Attire for Groomsmen

    I'm getting married in May of next year and have opted for a grey 3 piece suit instead of the traditional tux. It's an outside ceremony at 4:30pm(might be 5:00 at the latest) and weather is typically around 70-75 degrees.

    I'd like my groomsmen to wear matching grey, 2 piece suits instead of boxy, ill fitting rentals. I'm considering paying for the tailoring as a groomsmen's gift since it will be an off the rack purchase. I know the cost of buying is a little more than renting, so I'd like to keep the cost of the suit around $200.

    Any suggestions on brands? I'd prefer a lighter grey. Thanks.


    So you want something kind of slim fit, available in a very common store (I assume not all are in the same town), not too heavy, and fairly inexpensive. Here's my suggestion -- it's a pretty good looking suit, not crazy shoulder pads or anything, with an actual slim cut, and it's not too warm. All wool, available at Macy's for about $220 (it's listed at $550, but it's 40% off.) I actually have this suit, and I am very happy with it.



      Personally (no disrespect to you by any means), I would avoid buying all the same suits for the groomsmen. Let them all wear grey, if you would like, but let a little variation in - it looks tacky otherwise in my opinion. Offers them some flexibility as well.



        Sorry, it would be $330 for the suit, but with Macy's coupons and the like --signing up for a card there gets you 15% or something -- you could probably bring that down a lot more, until it's a reasonable price. This particular suit has gone on deep sale a few times. When I got it, it was around $200.

        About matching groomsmen, that depends somewhat on the overall feel of the event. It looks pretty cool sometimes when guys just wear what they have, but if your better half wants things to look all put together, or if the wedding is in a finely manicured garden, for example, it might fit the event to have everyone matching. But a laid back wedding looks great, too -- it's just different.



          Good points by both. I suppose I could be more particular about the shade of grey and then leave it up to them. 'Grey' has a lot of room for interpretation. And if they don't have the right color, give some options for suits. Maybe gift everyone the same tie and or pocket square.



            I wore a black suit for my wedding, as did all my groomsmen, because my wife wanted us to all match. I have never worn that black suit since, and neither have any of my friends.

            While a grey suit will be far more versatile, I would let them wear something they either already own (hopefully in gray) or let them buy their own suit in gray, but not necessarily the same suit. They might not all fit the cut of whatever suit you choose for them, and then they'll end up with a suit that never gets worn after your wedding, much like my groomsmen all have sitting in their closets.



              I have to disagree with leaving "Grey" up to each guy -- like Mad says, that can be a wide range of suit color. Maybe if you were going with charcoal or navy you could do that. Khaki might work, but even then you could see a good bit of variation.

              Yes, it's cheaper for them to wear their own suits / pick their own. But unless you're pretty casual generally with the wedding (and more importantly, if your bride's bridesmaids are doing something similar -- not identical colors but same range), it'll look like your guys are all mismatched.

              EDIT for PS -- I'd say the truly only safe way to do the "wear yours" style is if you're having them all wear their own tuxedos. Those are meant for the guys to all fit/blend in generally, so unless someone goes dumb & dumber on you, you'll be pretty set (unless someone insists on a midnight blue tux to ruin your theme).



                Thanks for the advice. I'm nervous about the mismatched look and the bride has commented on how it might be risky. So I'm still leaning toward having them purchase a suit. None of the guys seem to have extreme sizes, both big or small.

                What's reasonable in terms of price? Rentals are typically $80-130 depending on brand and location. Personally I think it's worth an extra 80-100 bucks to keep a suit. Thoughts in terms of brands? Do I need to do it this summer so the fabric is May 2013 appropriate?



                  "Mad says, that can be a wide range of suit color."

                  " your guys are all mismatched."

                  I don't understand why this is a problem. A bunch of guys standing around in similar clothing, showing similar attention to detail and style though diverse implementations is a strong message. A bunch of guys standing around in the same thing says "Someone picked the style and everyone followed." It's weaker - it's like style in the Army.



                    My wedding is in 3 days and we have a 3pm outdoor ceremony, and i also decided to go with light grey suits. There are far too many shades of grey, and from my experience, 95% of the lighter grey suits we found had some sort of pattern also. So you risk not only colour but also pattern varience. On top of this a few of the guys dont ever wear suits and it made me too nervous to let them loose.

                    My best man knows how to dress appropriately so i let him find his own. If you want a good cheaper option with a decent fit, the barlll suits at macys had a modern slim fit and during a sale we got it for 230 taxes in. It was the best fitting otr suit we could find.

                    Good luck with the search and congratz!



                      So here's another alternative, also from Macy's -- an Alfani Red grey suit for about $250. I've seen it in the store, but didn't get it -- like I said, I opted for the Tommy Hilfiger one I posted above. These won't be too hot in the spring (depending on where you live, of course) -- the wool isn't too thick.




                        Take a look at this from Put This On:

                        Especially this part:

                        "There is no need for men’s clothes to match exactly. Outside of the military, it looks tacky. Even when wearing black tie, a group of men’s tuxedos should not match exactly - they’ll look like backup dancers in a 1930s musical. This is difficult for some women to comprehend. Hold fast."