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Shoe care for beat up shoes (that I want to keep that way)

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  • shad0w4life

    I would imagine neutral wax would protect them without colouring them, and also leather conditioner/cleaner would help moisturize. All three aren't intended to colour or dye.

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  • ChrisW

    I have a pair of boots that I like to keep looking scruffy. I use Dr Martens Wonder Balsam on them occasionally to them going. That stuff is good for keeping the leather in good shape, while not adding shine or covering "character".

    I clean the shoes with water, then rub them with the balsam after they have dried. I also use it on my other leather shoes after they have been in the rain to stop the leather drying up.

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  • thatoneguy
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  • Shoe care for beat up shoes (that I want to keep that way)

    I've got a pair of boots that are kind of distressed looking, with some scuffs and wear marks where the creases are. And I love this look. They look like a really old pair of shoes, but in a good way. But I know I need to take care of the leather to a degree. What I don't want to do is polish them up and make them look brand new. I'd like the scuffs to be there (more or less) as well as the faded areas, etc. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thank you so much.