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    Bonobos jeans fit

    I was reading Joe's steal alert about Bonobos jeans and how well they fit. Of course fit varies so much depending on body type so this is kind of a blanket statement. Still it did pique my interest as I'm never 100% satisfied with the fit on my jeans unless I get them altered.

    My go to favorites are the BR Rapid Movement jeans. I'm usually a 32/30 in their slim fit.

    What are your experiences with Bonobos jeans? Is the fit really that great?

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    I'm a fan of both BR and Bonobos jeans. I usually fit well in a 31/32 slim in either brand. I recently picked up a pair of Bonobos premium stretch jeans and I really like them. Fortunately for me, I don't need to get them altered as they fit well off the rack. As for the fit I think they are pretty much on par with BR. That being said, all brands are cut a bit differently so it's best to judge for yourself.

    One of the things I've always liked about Bonobos is the easy return process. So long as you can return or exchange if they don't work out there's really nothing to lose.


      There's nothing magical about Bonobos or any other premium denim brand IMO. There is still variation between pairs (I've had pairs in the same size and same fit that fit differently from each other), though not to the degree you'll find among less expensive brands like Levi's. Incidentally I recently got two pairs of BR pants, both in the same size and same fit, where one fits great and the other has gone to the dono pile after a handful of frustrating wears.

      It's still just a matter of getting the pair that is the right size and fit for your particular body type. And there will always be an element of uncertainty in that when you're ordering stuff online vs. being able to try it on first.


        [MENTION=19117]Ron[/MENTION] I see you're in New York. Assuming that's the city or near enough, you might consider going in and try on their styles.