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[REVIEW] TheTieBar: a review in short.

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    I also have promlem with tie lenght. When I buy pants, I take them to my tailor for hemming to length. I do likewise with ties. Find a tailor who can shorten ties properly, and the problem is solved. You could also try, who do made-to measure (lentgh and width) for a reasonable price. I think it's only a one-time setup charge, and then you can order your size at their regular prices. Of course, for more money, there's Sam Hober.

    People often tell me that my ties wouldn't be too short if I used a Windsor knot, but I many cases, I want the look of a four-in-hand knot. Having ties that fit opens up more style possibilities, as I am not stuck with large knots as the only choice.




      Indeed those knots can help a tiny bit, but with higher-waist pants it's totally hopeless.

      I suppose at $15/tie it's not the end of the world if I have to do something drastic to shorten them. Or swallow my pride and tuck.



        At 5'6", I can't use a four-in-hand knot with their tie either. I usually go with a Pratt or half-Windsor. They lack the asymmetrical "charm" of the four-in-hand, but they do the job.

        Never thought about getting them tailored. What's the exact procedure ? Would that work with let's say, a knit tie ?



          Never dissected a tie but I also imagine I could shorten it myself. Knit ties could be a different can of worms.



            For those whose ties are just a little too long with the four in hand, consider the Prince Albert.


            Basically just the Four in Hand wrapped around one more time, but can take about an inch or inch and a half out of the tie.



              Just got my first order from them - I'm pretty pleased! But it's also sort of a mixed bag; I got four ties and two tie bars (1" and 1.5"), and the tie bars and two of the ties are spot on, and actually the third is pretty spot-on too (reconsidered on the style since I ordered it). The fourth is a beige khaki tie that looked like a deeper, banana pudding kind of hue in the photo, and ended up actually being a washed out, sand-colored khaki like the kind you see most guys wearing. So I guess their coloring can be a little off in the photos! Their returns/exchanges policy seems fairly excellent, though, so all in all I'm reasonably impressed. They all also manage to be thin without being trendily skinny. It really seems like an affordable one-stop-shop for pretty much all the ties I could need.



                Pitseleh, can you snap a photo of the ties? We may draw inspiration from your selections.



                  [double post]



                    Oh, sure. Here you go:


                    Excuse the mess, I tend to get a bunch of packages (6+) all at once. It's like Christmas every month! The two on the left are the ones that are going back. The khaki one actually looks closer to a cream in the photo; in person it's duller and more sand-colored. The red-striped one is perfectly nice, but giving it more thought, I decided I'd like it if the red stripes were trimmed with white or yellow to make it a bit more interesting (they sell options for both of these, fortunately). I'm super happy with the two red ties, especially the striped knit one. It has this interesting sheen the camera manages to capture without being too over the top shiny (I tend not to wear silk ties much). I've paired it with a navy dress shirt and a light gray glen plaid blazer and it looks pretty excellent. I'm excited for a chance to wear it! I've written knit ties off for a long time and I'm just finally seeing the light.



                      That red striped one is pretty sweet. I'm adding it to my wishlist



                        I've been very happy with my Tie Bar orders thus far. In my opinion, they're the best value around when it comes to a balance of tie (and tie bar, and pocket square) quality and price.

                        GQ turned me on to The Tie Bar, and I'm now a customer for life (or at least as long as their prices and quality stay the same!).



                          I just got six ties from the Tie Bar. Three are very nice. One is nice, but the color is a bit different than I expected - not surprising given different monitors, etc.

                          Two are not so good. One is a knit tie that's so thin that the seams on the back show through or something. It's like the striped knit tie in Pitseleh's picture (maybe same model), and in that picture you can see some whitish schmutz up and down the center of the tie.

                          And the other is a textured wool tie that is just too erratically fuzzy for my taste.

                          Good prices but the ties are hit-or-miss. I think if you're going to order from them, get a bunch and the return the ones you don't like.



                            Their knits are of uneven quality, likely because they come from entirely different factories. The solid colors and the polka dot ones seem

                            to be generally much higher in quality, but maybe that's not true across the board. Honestly, my two knit ties from the Knottery seem so much more sturdy and nice that I'll only order knits from them, but I have really liked most of the other stuff from TieBar. In particular, I like their cotton ties for summer and their wool ties for winter.



                              Yeah, they seem uneven. But the other knit I got has stripes and is OK.

                              The one that is good (thin, but very even and nice) is Knarrow Knit Stripe - Navy Regular.

                              The one that is crappy is Knitted Prep Stripe - Burgundy/Navy Regular.



                                The Knottery knit ties are a little too wide I think. The Lands End ones are pretty on the spot.